Season 2: Episode 4 - Mea Makamae
Posted on Oct 11, 2011 12:00am

­Swimmers are disturbed when they find a floating hand in the water. The hand belongs to Blake Spencer, a deep-sea diver who is known for his shipwreck finds. When they find the rest of his body and it’s clear he was a murder victim. Closer inspection of Blake’s life reveals that he had invested everything into a mysterious big dive that seems to be connected to some Spanish Galleons they find in his apartment. When they learn from a local expert the coins are fake, their number one suspect is the businessman behind the dives, since he might have killed Blake to keep the secret that the shipwreck had been “salted”. Tracking the boat Blake used, our team finds that Blake’s secret project was a hearse that had fallen off a ship during WWII that was carrying cash that was supposed to have been destroyed in a crematorium and replaced with “Hawaii-overprint” currency. Blake’s secret dive was discovered and the two men who discover it double-cross him for the money. Ironically, Blake wasn’t interested in the money, he only cared about the casket in the hearseâ€"it carried the body of his grandfather, and he wanted to give his dying mother her last wish to have it recovered. Also, Chin Ho learns that Kono used his ID to access police records. After enduring some teasing from McGarrett, Danny ends up asking out the coin expert.