Season 2: Episode 5 - Ma'ema'e
Posted on Oct 18, 2011 12:00am

­The Five-0 team investigates the murder of Honolulu State’s Women’s Volleyball team Coach. The Coach lives in the guest house of one of the University’s wealthy patrons, and when they find compromising pictures of one the player’s on the team, McGarrett wonders if the Coach was killed because he was threatening the player. The player defends the Coach and said he was protecting her. Further investigation takes Chin Ho and Lori to a motel the Coach was renting. There they quickly discover Trisha, the wife of the Coach’s landlord has been staying there. They wait for her return, but give chase when a thug breaks into the room. They shoot the thug, but he escapes into a waiting car being driven by Kono. When the team brings in Kono, Captain Fryer shows up, furious at Five-0. Turns out, Kono’s suspension and bad behavior has all been set up as she’s been working undercover to infiltrate a group of former cops who are running illegal businesses. When Trisha left her husband, she emptied their bank accounts, not realizing he was money-laundering for the dirty cops. Unfortunately, the Coach got in the cops way when he tried to protect Trisha. Chin Ho reconnects with his former fiancée, Malia, and confesses his concern about Kono’s recent behavior but when Malia tries to talk to Kono, she shuts Malia down. Danny’s apartment is being torn down and he has to find a new place.