Season 2: Episode 6 - Ka Hakaka Maikai
Posted on Oct 25, 2011 12:00am

­The apparent home invasion robbery/murder of a local celebrity chef connects to a series of home invasion robberies perpetrated by a group of valet parkers. As our Five-0 team investigates the valets, things don’t quite add up and they figure out the home invasion was staged to cover up the murder. Taking a closer look at the chef’s personal life, they discover he sponsored a local charity that trains kids to be MMA fighters to keep them off the streets. His sister now runs the charity organization and one of the fighters who works out at the gym has a past record of violence. When Five-0 find the murder weapon in his apartment, it seems like a closed case, but there’s one final twist in finding the killer. Because the main fighter was injured when McGarrett went after him, McGarrett ends up having to “pinch-hit” for the fighter in a charity MMA fight.