Season 2: Episode 8 - Lapa'au
Posted on Nov 8, 2011 12:00am

A group of "tow surfers" remove a body from a plane that crashes into the ocean and it turns out to be a DEA agent. McGarrett and the team work with the victim's DEA boss and start investigating the drug cases she was working on. She was doing surveillance on local medicinal marijuana shop and had interviewed a number of their customers, but there doesn’t seem to be anything that leads to her murder. When they find the man who stole pages from her case journal, they’re able to restore the pages enough to get an address, only to discover she was investigating the secret world of exotic medicine. It’s a world that promises cures to cancer, but doesn’t always deliver and the killer killed her because he thought she was going to cut off his supply to his miracle drug. After her death, he realized the medicine wasn’t working and he kidnapped the healer who was supplying him and Five-0 has to find the healer before he dies too.­