Season 2: Episode 9 - Ike Maka
Posted on Nov 15, 2011 12:00am

­­After a police chase through a shipyard, police grab the high-end car thieves, but get an unexpected surprise. A dead body in the trunk of one of the stolen cars, with his face wrapped up like a mummy. The victim’s fingerprints have been sanded down and he’s clearly had plastic surgery to change his appearance, but Max helps them with their first lead, by identifying the doctor who put in the facial implants. McGarrett and Danny talk to the doctor, but he’s not helpful: the man used a fake ID, refused to have his pictures taken and paid in cash. Meanwhile, the rest of the team pursues the car thief ring, hoping to possibly find the killer. Finally, a hotel key in the car leads our team to the victim’s girlfriend who reveals he’d been working on an oil rig when something happened and he said they needed to disappear. Turns out, the victim had left witness protection and disappeared when his cover had been blown. Someone from his old neighborhood recognized him and called the mob boss who wanted him dead. But in a surprise ending, the mob hit men hadn’t killed him. Also, Danny, still searching for an apartment has been sleeping on McGarrett’s couch. It’s an arrangement that suits neither of them