Season 2: Episode 14 - Pu'olo
Posted on Jan 17, 2012 12:00am

­McGarrett and the team get called in when a delivery truck is hijacked. Initially, it appears as though nothing is missing, however, our team quickly figures out that the driver was picking up items from the airport, bypassing regular security, and dropping them off in between stops. Unfortunately, this particular shipment was stolen before it was dropped off. McGarrett then enlists help from Sang Min, who’s been solitary confinement, to help him gain access to one of the top smugglers on the island. When they finally get to the smuggler, they learn that the order was for chips used in passport-making. The customer was a regular of his. The customer had placed a large order and though the smuggler now can’t make delivery, he’s not complaining. This leads McGarrett to believe the customer was the one who hijacked the shipment. The team heads to a shop owned by Richard Detweiller; Detweiller had made a hundred passports for two eastern Europeans. They hijacked the shipment and shot Detweiller when he finished, but the team catches up with them at the airport.