Season 2: Episode 16 - I Helu Pu
Posted on Feb 14, 2012 12:00am

­A Jane Doe is murdered at a hotel that's playing host to three separate large events, including a black-tie fundraiser hosted by Governor Denning that the Five-0 team attends. While Danny and Chin Ho investigate the crime scene, Lori and Kono follow a lead and learn the name of the murder victim, Vicky Chase. McGarrett and Kono interrogate Vicky's sister, Amanda, who begrudgingly admits that she was raped by an executive who attended the Governor's fundraiser, Dmitri Kirov, and that's who Five-0 thinks killed Vicky. The team learns that Dmitri is a Russian citizen and eventually determine that the Russian Consul General is hiding him in the Russian consulate. In order to lure Dmitri out, Chin Ho drives a van full of hazardous chemicals through the gate of the consulate and arrested by Russian guards before he can get out. Still, the plan works; the consulate is evacuated and McGarrett locates Dmitri and gives chase on foot. Just before Dmitri can make it safely back to Russian soil, both he and McGarrett are blindsided by a car and end up in the hospital. Kono swipes some of Dmitri's blood and gets it to Max, who runs tests and determines that Dmitri was indeed Vicky's killer. The Governor then bargains with the Russian Consul General and secures Chin Ho's release, but the backlash from the incident forces Lori to resign from Five-O. McGarrett and Catherine were originally planning on spending the weekend together for Valentine's Day since she was on leave from her ship, but the case prevents that from happening. After the team nabs Dmitri, McGarrett informs her that he's taking a few days to do some reserve training on her ship, just so he can spend time with her.