Season 2: Episode 17 - Kupale
Posted on Feb 21, 2012 12:00am

­When a man dressed as a Hawaiian NaKoa warrior is found murdered in the jungle near the site of a large historical reenactment, Five-0 is tasked with tracking down his killer. The warrior is actually Brandon Koruba, a wealthy businessman who owns a boat company with the rights to build an inter-island ferry. The ferry poses a threat to local wildlife, so Brandon and his company have been beseiged with threats from radical environmentalists, but the none of the threats were legitmate. Eventually, Five-0 discovers a phone call that Brandon received just before he was killed, which leads them to Tony Schmitt, Brandon's business partner. Brandon had caved to the pressure from the environmentalists, but Tony didn't want to lose the money they would make from the ferry, so he killed his partner. Meanwhile, Danny struggles to find an appropriate time for Gabby to meet Grace. Danny finally arranges for them to meet and play at the beach while the Five-0 team has drinks next door, and Gabby and Grace hit it off immediately.