Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Blessing Ceremony

The start to Season 4 is approaching, check out photos leading up to the season premiere Friday, Sept 27th at 9/8c!

Aloha Season 4

1. Aloha Season 4

Alex O'Loughlin and Daniel Dae Kim celebrate during the Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Blessing Ceremony.

2. Reunited

The team reunites for a traditional Hawaiian Blessing Ceremony for Season 4 of Hawaii Five-0.
Aloha Hug

3. Aloha Hug

Executive Producer Peter Lenkov welcomes Taylor Wily with an aloha hug on the set of Hawaii Five-0 Season 4.
The Shield

4. The Shield

Teilor Grubbs arrives at Hawaii Five-0 Headquarters just in time for Season 4!
Family Affair

5. Family Affair

Teilor Grubbs and her family arrive on set to begin production for Hawaii Five-0 Season 4! Photo courtesy of EPR for CBS.

6. Shaka

Michelle Borth (@michelleborth) tweets, "LoVe #H50"

7. Connected

Michelle Borth (@michelleborth) tweets, "Blessing #H50"
Blessed Cast and Crew

8. Blessed Cast and Crew

Michelle Borth (@michelleborth) tweets, "And it begins!! #H50"