9 CBS Sync Facts From "Kanalu Hope Loa" - Hawaii Five-0 S5 E3

Go behind the scenes of Hawaii Five-0 with facts from CBS Sync.

Sumire Matsubara

1. Sumire Matsubara

Sumire Matsubara, who plays Keilani, is a model and Japanese pop singer. She was born in Japan, but raised in Hawaii.
Sumire Matsubara

2. Sumire Matsubara

Sumire is a J-pop singer, but didn’t speak Japanese until the start of her singing career.
Amy Hill

3. Amy Hill

Amy Hill, who plays the tour guide, is an American actress best known for her roles in “50 First Dates,” “Lilo & Stitch,” and “All-American Girl.”
Duke Kahanamoku

4. Duke Kahanamoku

Duke Kahanamoku is best known for his surfing acumen, but he was also an Olympic swimmer and served as sheriff in Honolulu from 1932 to 1961.
Duke Kahanamoku

5. Duke Kahanamoku

The city of Honolulu hosts a live camera feed overlooking the Duke Kahanamoku statue on Waikiki beach.
Behind The Scenes

6. Behind The Scenes

The Kahala Resort & Spa, where the victim stayed, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. Jack Lord, who played McGarrett in the original series, used to arrange for the show’s guest stars to stay at the Kahala.
Inside Hawaii

7. Inside Hawaii

A constitutional amendment passed in 1978 repealed a law that made it virtually illegal to teach the Hawaiian language in Hawaii's school system.
Behind The Stunts

8. Behind The Stunts

Grace Park uses a stunt double in her surf scenes, though she performed a surf-related stunt in her first scene on the show. Park's scene, in which she greets members of Five-0 after surfing, involved walking to shore from the ocean-- the stunt took nearly 25 takes due to turbulent waves.
Behind The Scenes

9. Behind The Scenes

Matt Williams buried Reyes’ money in Kualoa Beach Park, which overlooks Mokolii, also known as Chinaman’s Hat, in Kaneohe Bay.