5 CBS Sync Facts from "Poina 'Ole" S5 E12

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Inside Hawaii Five-0

1. Inside Hawaii Five-0

Steve coached Grace through her fitness test, but it wasn't the first time he served as a sporty mentor. Steve and Danny coached Grace's baseball team, the Honolulu Shrimps, in Season Four's "A'ale Ma'a Wau." Steve helped Grace hit her first home run.
Daniel Baldwin

2. Daniel Baldwin

Daniel Baldwin, who plays Paul Delano, is the second eldest of four Baldwin brothers. His brother William portrayed Frank Delano on the show.
Merry Widow

3. Merry Widow

Max performed Dimitri Tiomkin's "Merry Widow" theme in the episode. Tiomkin won the Academy award for Best Original Song for "The Ballad of High Noon," which was performed by Tex Ritter, the patriarch of the Ritter acting family (John, Jason, and The McCarthy's Tyler Ritter).
Behind The Scenes

4. Behind The Scenes

Writer Sue Palmer researched do-it-yourself forensic techniques that featured automotive products for this scene. Production used the technique to reveal fingerprints in the episode-- no special effects were necessary.
Wings Hauser

5. Wings Hauser

Wings Hauser, who plays Walter Russell, is the son of Academy award-winning director Dwight Hauser. Hauser’s name, Wings, is taken from the wingback position he played in football.