Passion In Paradise: Hawaii Five-0's Relationship Roundup

Kono and Adam

1. Kono and Adam

Kono and Adam might just be Hawaii Five-0's top sweethearts. They'd already been through thick-and-thin before their wedding vows. Even their special day and honeymoon were interrupted (by a nuclear threat and kidnapping, respectively). Fortunately, they've always had each other to rely on.
McGarrett and Catherine

2. McGarrett and Catherine

Catherine Rollins has been an on-and-off love interest of Steve McGarrett's since the series began, but disappeared from his life when she chose to stay in Afghanistan to help on a humanitarian mission. She returned on the eve of Kono and Adam's wedding, much to McGarrett's delight, but decided to leave again just before he could propose.
Lou and Renee Grover

3. Lou and Renee Grover

Lou and Renee joined Hawaii Five-0 in Season 4. The couple lives in tropical bliss with their two children.
Chin and Malia

4. Chin and Malia

Chin Ho Kelly and Dr. Malia Waincroft were engaged before the pilot episode ever aired. They were married in a ceremony featuring Five-0 team members acting as bridesmaids and groomsmen, but it ended in tragedy when she passed away after the second season.
Chin and Leilani

5. Chin and Leilani

Chin and Leilani met during the Halawa prison riot. While it may not have been the most romantic way to meet, the two grew close and Chin realized he was ready to find love again.
Rachel and Danny

6. Rachel and Danny

Danny and Rachel's relationship began while he was a cop in New Jersey. The two divorced there, but Danny may not have ended up with Five-0 if not for her decision to move to Hawaii. She brought their daughter, Grace, to the islands—and he followed. It seemed Rachel might be moving on and she even tried to move to Las Vegas, but after having a son she eventually reveals to Danny that he's also the boy's father.

Danny and Gabby

7. Danny and Gabby

Danny and Dr. Gabrielle Asano certainly seemed to be getting serious when he decided to introduce her to his daughter, Grace, in Season 2. The on-again-off-again relationship ended when she accepted a job offer in Denver.
Danny and Amber

8. Danny and Amber

Always popular with the ladies, Danny befriended a fellow east coaster named Amber when she moved to the island in Season 4. Later, he would save her from a violent ex-boyfriend. That's when she revealed she'd been hiding from the ex under a fake identity. Her real name was Melissa. With everything out in the open, the two got a fresh start.
Sabrina and Max

9. Sabrina and Max

Bank teller Sabrina Lane caught the eye of Dr. Max Bergman and he visited her weekly. Unfortunately, the bank was robbed on the day he finally worked up the courage to ask her out. Sabrina was injured, and Max sweetly stayed by her bedside in the hospital until her parents could arrive.