14 Things Hawaii Five-0 Fans Can't Get Enough Of

Hawaiian traditions

2. Hawaiian traditions

From Kono’s solo outrigger trip in honor of her mother to Kawika and Steve exchanging a honi at Leonard's funeral, we’ve learned a lot about Hawaiian traditions over the years.

The show also has a couple traditions of its own: an annual Hawaii Five-0 blessing ceremony before the season starts filming, plus a "Sunset On The Beach" premiere party.
McGarrett's leadership

4. McGarrett's leadership

Whether it's carrying Danno across the finish line in a muddy race, or literally saving lives with his decisions under pressure, Five-0 is led by somebody we'd all be proud to serve under. McGarrett brings quite an illustrious past to the team which helps make him a strong leader.
Danno being there for his kids

5. Danno being there for his kids

While this New Jersey native may miss home once in awhile, Danny Williams has always been a standup guy. He's especially gone out of his way to be there for his kids. That meant moving around the globe to Hawaii to be near his daughter, Grace. More recently, he learned that Charlie was his biological son—and needed a transplant. Danno stepped right up and saved the boy's life.
Jerry's theories

6. Jerry's theories

If there’s one thing Jerry loves, it’s a conspiracy theory. He has 15 boxes of  “proof” that Area 51 houses aliens and was voted "Most Likely To Be Abducted By Aliens" in high school.

Hey may be unorthodox, but it's hard not to love him. In fact, there are a lot of reasons Jerry deserves a badge with Five-0.
Kono's resilience

10. Kono's resilience

It's a good thing she's a tough cop, because Kono can’t seem to catch a break! From getting stranded at sea to dealing with a nuclear threat on her wedding day, she handles it all with incredible poise.
Kamekona's business ventures

12. Kamekona's business ventures

Between his Wailoa Shave Ice business, The Shrimp Truck, and a Hawaiian helicopter tour company, we can’t wait to see what this entrepreneur comes up with next.
Grover living the good life

13. Grover living the good life

Smoking cigars, playing golf, sipping on a drink by the water: Grover has said aloha to a resort-worthy lifestyle.
Max's Keanu-themed Halloween costumes

14. Max's Keanu-themed Halloween costumes

Every Halloween we're treated to a themed episode. Few get into the spirit more than Max (played by Masi Oka), who has embraced donning a Keanu Reeves themed costume each year.

Off camera, the nod probably goes to the man who plays Jerry Ortega. Jorge Garcia goes all out for Halloween!