• Innovation Nation

    S5 E8 Hydrofoil Surfboard

    Host Mo Rocca shows us the creator of the jetfoil surfboard that rides high above the waves; the device pointing the way to friends lost in crowds or wilderness; the weeding robot keeping gardens growing their best; and the importance of the train caboose, bringing up the rear. (TV-G)

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Innovation Nation - Flyboard Air
S5 E1 Oct 01, 2018
Flyboard Air
Innovation Nation - Spinach Leaf Hearts
S5 E2 Oct 06, 2018
Spinach Leaf Hearts
Innovation Nation - Paper Sculptures
S5 E3 Oct 13, 2018
Paper Sculptures
Innovation Nation - Geometric Pies
S5 E4 Oct 20, 2018
Geometric Pies
Innovation Nation - Sunray Art
S5 E5 Oct 27, 2018
Sunray Art
Innovation Nation - Africa Blood Drone
S5 E6 Nov 03, 2018
Africa Blood Drone
Innovation Nation - Young Car Designer
S5 E7 Nov 10, 2018
Young Car Designer
Innovation Nation - Hydrofoil Surfboard
S5 E8 Nov 17, 2018
Hydrofoil Surfboard
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