• Inspector Gadget

    S2 E21 Gadget And The Red Rose

    INSPECTOR GADGET and Capeman have been testing out their new invention, the Gadzooka (a bazooka that shoots acid sour cream). Claw and Madcat, wanting to eliminate our heroes, convinces Spuds Malone, the mini-minded creator of the ultimate weapon, the Red Rose, to quit his job as a cook at an old folks home and finish off GADGET. The only problem is that Spuds can't remember where he hid the Red Rose. A wild, multi-leveled chase ensues with Spuds and two accomplices looking for the Red Rose. (TV-Y)

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Inspector Gadget
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Inspector Gadget is the world's first bionic police detective. Equipped with an array of gadgets to battle crime, thieves, and bandits fear for their life when he appears. Gadget's destiny is marked by the letter G: gadgets, gags, gaffes, and goofs! Thanks to the help of Penny and Brain, he always gets the bad guys!

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