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Learn More About the Latest and Greatest Late Late Show Host: “I don’t know what the hell it will be tonight!”

Posted on Mar 24, 2015 | 04:35pm
Brantley Bardin of Watch! interviewed the new Late Late Show host James Corden.

On what to expect:
“I want the show to be inclusive, silly and wild. Quite like a party every night. I think you have to remember that all people want to feel at that hour before they fall asleep is, ‘It’s all going to be OK. There’s another day tomorrow.’ I hope there’ll be a positivity that will seep through.”

On keeping cool under pressure:
I have great people around me and an incredible wife [Julia Carey, a former television producer who worked for Save the Children] and great children [Max, 4 years old, and Carey, born Oct. 30]. They’re great levelers, children. They don’t care whether the show works or doesn’t work. All they care about is that I’m around a bit more. So I’m going to try to make the best, funniest show I can and then, as my son says, “Saturday is Dadderday.”

Read the full article from Watch! magazine here! 

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