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8 Reasons Why Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell Were Destined to be Actors: “Will is willing to do the dirty work.”

Posted on Mar 25, 2015 | 04:50pm
During their sit down with James Corden on The Late Late Show, Kevin Hart and Will Ferrell shared some of their previous jobs, fun pastimes, and recent events that made it very clear that the two were destined to be actors.

1. They are both fantastic fake-criers.

Before rolling a preview to their upcoming film, Get Hard, James asked the two comedy giants to fake cry and the two were phenomenal.

2. Customer service was not their forte.

Back in the day, Kevin was a shoe salesman. He openly admits to trying to sell Timberland boots to every customer, even if it wasn’t what they were looking for. Will was an equally-terrible bank teller. Because there was too much for him to remember at once, Will would perform one transaction, shut his window, and count everything. He claimed to help a customer once every fifteen minutes.

3. Let’s leave the late night hosting to James.

Upon joining James and Kevin onstage, Will, frustrated with the audience cheers, promptly told them all to “shut up.” He earnestly said he didn’t know how to react to a live audience, which just made the audience laugh and applaud louder.

4. When Hart and Ferrell discussed playing basketball together, it was clear that their style of game play would quickly get them kicked out of the NBA.

Hart and Ferrell played in the NBA Entertainment League for the Magic and the Hornets, respectively. Ferrell had no problem playing dirty. Hart quoted him as saying, “Hey, I got six fouls… and I’m not afraid to use them” at the beginning of a game. Hart was equally dirty — at least when it came to trash talk. When Corden asked him for an example, Hart promptly told him that he had “the body of a Dutch woman.” Yikes.

5. Ferrell has done some standup in the past, but he’s much better on screen.

While his interpretation of the Star Trek theme, which he would sing from beginning to end and the beginning of every show, was surprisingly on key, but he should really leave that job to an opera singer. Or a synthesizer.

6. They may make a fortune as actors, but they can’t even act like fortune tellers.

When the two played James Corden’s game, Mind Link, their telepathic abilities left a little to be desired. The two matched up, purely by chance, once in five tries. Predictably, they’d make terrible psychics.

7. Will Ferrell would be the worst motivational speaker.

When Will discussed his recent Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he said that he looked out to his family and friends and couldn’t help but think, “gosh, I am just so much better than you.” He went to bed with the biggest smile on his face in reflection of “how great [I] am.”

8. It’s safe to say that Corden and Ferrell should leave the fitness instructing to Hart.

James Corden and Will Ferrell poked fun at Kevin’s daily hour-and-a-half workout regimen by claiming that they both could bench more weight and work out for longer, but it’s not them you see on the cover of this month’s Men’s Health magazine.  

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