Cyndi Lauper & James Corden’s Lyrics Are Clever Take On Gender Pay Gap

'Girls Just Want Equal Funds' is the new 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.'
Posted on May 10, 2016 | 07:25am
Back in 1983, Cyndi Lauper sang the premiere party anthem for young women with "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." Now that she's more mature and activist for equality, Lauper has deeper things to sing about than looking for a good time. James Corden helped her rewrite her '80s mega-hit into a song about the gender pay gap. Check out the performance video and then read the full lyrics below:

Girls Just Want Equal Funds w/ Cyndi Lauper by thelatelateshowcbs

I come home, in the morning light,
My mother says, “why don’t you make the same as a guy?”
Oh mama, dear, we’re not the fortunate ones!
Cause girls, they want equal funds. Oh girls just want equal funds.

Guys if she’s mad, it’s not PMS,
It’s cause you do the same job but she’s making less.
Don’t need no midol, just need more income,
Cause girls, they want equal funds, oh girls just want equal funds.

That’s all they really want!
That and a sweater ‘cause the office is cold!

And if you ask us on a date,
Oh boys, be ready to pay
We’ll get the check when we make the same.

Girls, they want, they want equal funds. Girls, they want equal —

In every movie, when things get real,
A girl runs from danger still wearing high heels
Oh Hollywood, that’s not what we’d do!
Cause girls, they want comfy shoes.
And to be paid as much as the dudes.

That’s all they really want!
Equal funds!

And when the working day is done
Oh girls, don’t get too bummed,
Cause one day we’ll get equal funds.

Girls, they want, they want equal funds, girls, they want equal
They just wanna! They just wanna! Oh girls
Girls just want equal funds.