Posted on Aug 8, 2016 05:00am
International Cat Day With Hiddleston, Middleditch & Baby Leopards
Celebrate the felines' holiday with this adorable Late Late Show clip.

When Tom Hiddleston and Thomas Middleditch agreed to appear on James Corden’s chat show, they didn’t realize they’d be sharing the stage with some of the most uncommon cats in the world. Late Late Show regular Jungle Jack Hanna brought a couple of two-month-old clouded leopards for Tom and Thomas to cuddle. These leopards from Southeast Asia are extremely rare, with only about 200 left in the world. Thankfully, Hanna, the Columbus Zoo, and other zoos around the world are working hard to bring those numbers up. These clouded leopards are only a few pounds right now, but grow up to 75 pounds and are the only cats in the world that spend 90% of its life in trees.

Tom and Thomas also got to meet a baby bearcat, but didn’t get as intimate with it as James did.

Our brave host held up well considering bearcats can take down a king cobra (whose venom is so potent that one drop will kill an adult elephant). An adult bearcat’s prehensile tail can even strangle a man to death.

When Jack brought out a penguin, he explained that these birds are monogamous and asked Tom Hiddleston if he knew what that means. The actor answered, "It means you’re wedded to one person for the rest of your life." Do you think Taylor Swift saw this episode and that’s what first attracted her to Tom? It’s possible. Happy International Cat Day!