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Anna Faris & Tom Cruise Talked Top Gun 2, Kissing & More With Corden

The two stars hit all kinds of topics during their Late Late Show appearance.
Posted on Oct 20, 2016 | 07:00am
Anna Faris made her third appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night to promote her CBS show, Mom. However, this experience was no doubt much different than her first two shows because Tom Cruise joined her on the couch to chat with James. The topics ranged from imagined movie sequels to first kisses and more. We’ve collected our favorite things we learned below.

Anna already has a character in mind for Top Gun 2.
James asked Tom if we could expect a sequel to his beloved ‘80s flick, Top Gun. Maverick didn’t say no, but he certainly didn’t sound very positive about it either. That’s too bad for all action movie fans, but especially horrible since Anna already has a great female lead in mind. She would be a pilot named Mirror because "she blinds people with her aviators." Not bad! James chimed in that he'd love to play Goose's son, who returns to get real answers about his father’s death. This screenplay is practically writing itself!

Chris Pratt and Tom Cruise both know how to braid hair.
Recently, Anna's movie star husband learned to braid hair and now does it for her most nights. That got an audible "awwww" from the audience. Tom said he also knows how to braid hair after being raised by four women.

Anna and Tom both had memorable first kisses.
Growing up with three older sisters wasn’t entirely bad for Tom. Once they became interested in boys, his sisters' friends would sit him on the bathroom sink and take turns practicing their kissing techniques with him. What?! No wonder he grew up to be so confident!

Anna on the other hand had a more nerdy first experience. In high school, she wore braces, had strict parents, and joined the drama program. These factors, at least partially, led her first kiss being later than most people’s. Finally, after a school production of You Can’t Take It With You, she and her friends rented a hotel room in Seattle. That night a senior boy started making out with her. She described it as feeling "like a slug was in [her] mouth." Romantic? Watch their full conversation about it in the video below.

Anna's pre-show ritual is odd and kind of mean, at times.
Before going on set to tape new episodes of Mom, Anna always gathers the cast and tells them that she just spoke to the show’s creator and executive producer, Chuck Lorre. Then, she'll go on to say that he told her something ridiculous, like he wants them to do one take with their tops off. The cast has all grown used to it and laughs it off … usually. Before shooting this season's finale, Anna told her cast-mates that Chuck just told her the show had been renewed for three more seasons, however, she would be the only cast member returning. Absurd, right? Well, poor Allison Janney believed her and got a good scare.

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