Posted on Feb 28, 2017 09:20am
Chris O'Donnell Talks About The Crazy Oscars Mistake With James Corden
The NCIS: Los Angeles star claims he's never been at a party where everyone reacted so wildly at once.

Chris O'Donnell appeared alongside singer Sara Bareilles on The Late Late Show with James Corden last night. Being the day after the huge Best Picture mix-up at The Academy Awards, James had to ask Sara and Chris about their reactions to it.

The NCIS: Los Angeles star said he was watching at a friend's party. "I've never seen an entire party get off the couch so quickly and swarm to the TV," Chris claimed. "We had 40 people just staring in utter disbelief. It was shocking."

He went on to say that he originally thought Warren Beatty was just "making a moment, he's doing a whole thing, he is a star." Then, when it truly sank in what had happened, all of his friends just went nuts.

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