Posted on Apr 5, 2017 06:25am
Christine Baranski Loves Skinny Dipping With Friends At Her Lake House
The Good Fight star divulged all kinds of things during her Late Late Show appearance.

During Christine Baranski's appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, we learned a little about her critically acclaimed new CBS All Access seriesThe Good Fight... and a lot about her personal life.

"The Good Wife was such a beloved, respected show," Christine said. "And we wanted to continue that because we love the writing, love the crew, love filming in Brooklyn... There was so much about it that we loved. But it was very intimidating to think how you jump off. I waited a long time for the script to arrive. But I agreed to do it. Let's keep the best of whatever this is together. And my god, they really delivered."

Jumping into the juicier parts of Christine's life, James revealed that the two of them were known as troublemakers on the set of Into The Woods. They even went so far as to start a successful rumor that Meryl Streep had been fired and Glenn Close was taking her place.

Christine also talked about her infamous lake house, where she encourages all of her guests to skinny dip at night. Watch all of those details in the clip above.

However, the oddest thing to come up about Christine doesn't even involve her directly. It turns out that actor Michael Sheen has named his manhood, "The Great Christine Baranski." Apparently, it's a well-known thing around Hollywood circles. And while Christine said she respects Michael very much, she claimed she'll have trouble looking him in the eye the next time they meet!

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