Posted on May 10, 2017 04:00am
Eva Longoria And James Corden Nuzzle A Huge Lizard While Blindfolded
Nuzzle Whaaa? has contestants blindly rub their faces on anything.

The rules for Nuzzle Whaaa? are simple. You divide up into two teams. One person on each side is blindfolded. An item, which might be alive or not, is wheeled out from behind the curtain. The blindfolded contestants then nuzzle the mystery item with only their faces in an effort to guess it.

A variety of guests on The Late Late Show with James Corden have taken the challenge. Olympic gold medalists Gabby Douglas, Nathan Adrian, and Conor Dwyer nuzzled a shirtless weightlifter and a zebra. Super Bowl champions CJ Anderson, Chris Harris Jr., and Brandon Marshal nuzzled an omelette and a gigantic boa constrictor. YouTube stars Jenna Marbles, Tyler Oakley, and Kandee Johnson nuzzled a tortoise and a woman twerking. The list goes on ...

This week James Corden challenged his guests Eva Longoria, Paul Feig, and Sam Richardson to play. Who do you think won? What did they nuzzle? Watch the video above to find out.

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