Posted on May 23, 2017 08:20am
James Corden Sings About The Power Of Prime Time On His New Special
The Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke Primetime Special opens with a cinematic musical number.

James reached back to '80s musical theater for this year's opening number of "The Late Late Show Carpool Karaoke Primetime Special." "Skid Row," from the horror comedy musical Little Shop of Horrors, inspired the huge parody song.

Check out the full video above and read the clever lyrics below.

James Corden hosts a program
Called The Late Late Show.
That’s usually the title
But tonight they’ll call it something else…
‘Cause it’s 10pm…

And he’s on--

--Prime time.
Finally got my shot

Here on prime time
In a juicy slot
Here on prime time
So the old name’s not
A propos:
It’s no late show!

It’s no late show!

And he’s on--

Prime time, like those Blue Bloods guys.

He’s on prime time,

Like all the CSIs!
I’m on prime time
Where they advertise
For real dough
My prime time show!

Late night, you cater to ungodly packs
Of drinkers, stoners, psychos, and insomniacs.
You make some feeble quips about what’s in the news
Then sacrifice your dignity for YouTube views.

Late night you’re nothing but a hired gun
Competing for a viewer rating less than one.
It’s the television version of a skid-row slum
But tonight I can at last become...

Someone on...

Prime time
And I must admit
That on prime time
You get spoiled a bit.

Here on-
Prime time!
Katy Perry’s here,
Don’t you know,
Right on this show!

Gonna do my best with my hour here
Gonna make you impressed with my hour here
Can’t the network allow me to stay in here?
Who do I have to screw to renew here?

Late night isn’t my fate, let me stay in here.
Late night’s simply too late, let me stay in here.
Cancel Kevin Can Wait, let me stay in here.
Won’t the guys at Big Bang let me hang here?

Gotta figure out how I can stay in here
I am making this vow: I will stay in here
Hell, I lipo'd my chest for this hour here!
I’m the host, you’re my guest for this hour here.

Thanks for tuning in to my show on prime,
Time for me to begin my show on prime,
Try to imagine I’m thin for my show on prime

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Photo: Terence Patrick/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.