Posted on Jun 7, 2017 09:45am
Here Are The Lyrics From Jennifer Hudson And James Corden’s Drop The Mic
The award-winning singer fiercely battled the TV host in his hometown of London.

It's been a minute since The Late Late Show has done an installment of their signature bit, Drop The Mic, but tonight, James Corden stepped up to another rap battle. This time, he squared off against his old Carpool Karaoke pal, Jennifer Hudson. He last took the stage against Riz Ahmed back in April and lost, yet again.

Before that, he had challenged Cara Delevingne and Dave Franco, Kevin Hart, David Schwimmer and Rebel Wilson, and Anne Hathaway. Each time the audience voted against him.

Can James finally beat someone? Check out the video of his Drop The Mic against Jennifer Hudson above and read the lyrics below.

Jennifer Hudson's in London.
Isn't she pretty?
I'm a local in this country,
You're a tourist in this city.

She got famous in the States
On American Idol
...For coming in seventh place.

So basically tonight,
I'm confused with what I'm doing.
I'm battling a woman,
Who is famous for losing.

You won an Oscar for Dreamgirls.
Great, I get it,
But no one remembers you're in the film,
Cause Beyoncé's also in it.

London knows you, James,
That part is true.
I can tell because everybody here
Already hates you.

Your success in America
Brought us to our knees
Screaming, "England!
Take this fool back! Please!"

You're huge here, at home,
Everywhere that you go,
But the thing you do best, James,
Is grow.

No more fat jokes,
Cuz it's below the belt.
I mean it, yo.
But you can't even see it, though,
Just like yo penis .... Ohhhh!

You rap well for an American Idol alum.
Remember, you lost a contest
That even Bo Bice won.

Jennifer's new song
Came out a few weeks ago.
It's called, "Remember Me,"
And people answer with, "No."

She judged The Voice UK,
Then flew back home the next day.
Did you not like our weather?
Was the food not okay?

And you married a pro wrestler,
So he'll know what this's about,
My lyrics will pin you
With a 1-2-3 count.

Yeah, James, I lost Idol,
You got me, you right,
But I won an Oscar, a GRAMMY,
And, oh yeah, I won life!

See, I'm dynamite, James,
So just give it up.
You throw J-Hud on a track
And then the track blows up.

I can sing, act, dance,
But you, you trying?
More fake than a vape
And just as unsatisfying.

You ain't blowing no smoke,
You just a B.S. tornado.
I'm a Dreamgirl, boy,
I'll make your nightmares fatal!

Winning at life, J-Hud?
Okay, that's witty.
You were legit the worst part
Of Sex and the City.

And Three Stooges, Hairspray,
And a movie called, Lullaby.
Your Rotten Tomatoes score combined
Is probably minus five.

You started your career
On a cruise ship on the Atlantic.
After this battle,
You wish you worked on the Titanic.

You beat me on my show?
I beg your pardon.
Truth is I'm not a fan,
I'm more into Kelly Clarkson.

Yo, do you got my IMDB page
Like written on yo hand?
I guess it's true, James,
You're just a J-Hud fan.

I've done a dozen movies,
To what, your two?
Trust me, you can get a lot more done
Not chasing YouTube views.

Man, I sing my own songs,
While you just hangin' Bieber.
Between you and me, y'all,
Who's the biggest diva?

Did you really think you'd win against me?
I'm so confused how.
Cuz you, and you, and you,
You're gonna lose now.

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