Posted on Mar 6, 2018 11:30am
Marlon Wayans And Jeff Goldblum React Strongly To Live Otters
James welcomes Jack Hanna back to the show with a new assortment of animals that terrify one of the guests.

Jack Hanna teaches Jeff Goldblum and a hesitant Marlon Wayans about lemurs, otters and owls — oh my.

James, Jeff and Marlon were introduced to several animals including river otters, which made Marlon literally jump out of his seat — just in time for one of the otters to claim it. While James and Jeff were feeding the otters, Marlon finally caved at the cuteness and gave them a quick pet (reluctantly).

By the time Jack Hanna brought out the serval cat, Marlon was off stage sitting on the bar where he thought he was safe until Jack mentioned the serval can jump 12 feet, easily. He remained behind the bar until all the animals were gone.

Watch the hilarious interaction in the above video!

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