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Season 13

Episode Guide


S13 E88
Jan 25, 2022
Time for a new episode of "Let's Make a Dill." A pickle tries to "Strike a Match" for cash & prizes. Plus, a breast cancer fighter races for her chance at $15,000 and then Tiffany and Zonkaroo get into a boxing match. Wayne Brady hosts. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E87
Jan 24, 2022
It's an all new LMAD that's just heavenly! A sumo ballerina plays "Five Card Wayne" & a holy cow finds a love connection with an at-home trader. Plus, Jonathan gets a stunt double & a trumpet player shares how Wayne inspired him. Wayne Brady hosts. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E86
Jan 21, 2022
This new LMAD is like a vacation! A Sundae tries to "Move on Up" all the way to $15,000! Plus, a taco plays "The Dealing Game" & then one trader gets their chance at a "Winfall," playing for this Friday's Fabulous Car! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E85
Jan 20, 2022
It's a new LMAD where spoonful of fun helps the winning go down! Mary Poppins tries to "Make It Wayne" $10,000 & a mermaid couple plays "Five Card Wayne" for a new car! Plus, a professor and a butterfly play from home. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E84
Jan 19, 2022
Yoho, Yo-ho, the LMAD life for us! A singing boxer, a spider & an African Queen play "Pass It On" for their shot at the best deal. Plus, an at-home couple plays "Gold Rush" & then Wayne and Jonathan audition for Annie. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E83
Jan 18, 2022
Energize your day with a new LMAD! A nerd plays "Spell Me a Deal" from home and a hippie tries to drive away from "0 to 80" in a new car! Plus, Tiffany entertains America with a song & a behind the scenes look at the show! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E82
Jan 17, 2022
Time for a new LMAD- the world's most comfortable game show! A zonkbuster plays "Rock, Paper, Scissors" from home. Plus, Wayne & Jonathan debut their radio show, which could lead a unicorn to magical win. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E81
Jan 14, 2022
Friday on LMAD means a football player plays the "LMAD Lotto" for a fabulous car! Plus, a woman dressed as a shoe tries to "move on up" to $20,000 & Jonathan Mangum makes sounds to help a doctor win big! Wayne Brady hosts. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E80
Jan 13, 2022
Sun's out, deals out on a new LMAD! A trader takes her chances with the "Accelerator" wheel for a car & a couple tries to match "3 of a Kind" to win another. Plus, Tiffany's dream interpretations could lead one trader to win big! Wayne Brady hosts. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E79
Jan 12, 2022
Bee ready for a buzzing new LMAD! A doctor tries to win a new car for $1500, but will it be "Cash or Crash" for her? Plus, a bodybuilder "Goes for a Spin" & Wayne gives a trader some "Good News/Bad News." Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E78
Jan 11, 2022
Get your blood pumping with a new LMAD! A king tries to roll a "Perfect 10" for a car & an aerobics instructor makes a "Power Play." Plus, Jonathan and Tiffany read each other's diaries and reveal their inner animals! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E77
Jan 10, 2022
Say "I Do" to Mega Money Monday at LMAD! The Queen of Hearts deals with a debate between Wayne & Jonathan. Plus, an at-home couple tries go on a "Gold Rush" & Wayne demos his new liquid body butter. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E76
Jan 07, 2022
It's Friday on LMAD so a bee is racing to win a fabulous car! Then, a viking, a witch, & a disco doctor all take their shot at an "expanding gift card." Plus, Wayne & Jonathan have their dreams interpreted by Tiffany. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E75
Jan 06, 2022
Donuts, Go Nuts with a new LMAD! A penguin and referee work together to make a deal and a couple tries to "Smash for Cash". Plus, a trader dressed as Milk & Cookies plays from home & a lobster tries to "Spell out a Deal." Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E74
Jan 05, 2022
Enjoy a little comfort food with a new LMAD! Waldo and a cheerleader roll dice to get prizes clues & a couple plays from home. Plus, Wayne & a trader dressed as Mac & Cheese open a coffee shop together. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E73
Jan 04, 2022
Blast off with a new LMAD! A showgirl & a dustbuster enter a "silent auction" & a wildlife explorer tries to "Strike a Match." Plus, "Jonathan Bighead" gives clues & Rosie the Riveter becomes "Wayne's Personal Asst." Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E72
Jan 03, 2022
New year, new LMAD! A potted plant plays "Cash or Crash" from home for her chance at a car! Plus, a dancing taco meets 2 eligible prizes playing "The Dealing Game" and a new year brings a new Mega Money Monday winner! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E71
Dec 24, 2021
Christmas Eve at LMAD brings a Maserati, stockings by the fire, and an appearance by the Jongerbread Man. Plus, Wayne writes a letter to Santa that a "Tiny" Tim hopes will lead him to a Christmas treat! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E70
Dec 23, 2021
The holiday cheer continues as Wayne and Jonathan perform their "30 second theater" auditions for "A Christmas Carol" Plus, a couple tries to smash for some holiday cash and a nutcracker plays "Keep on Rollin." Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E69
Dec 22, 2021
The LMAD 3-day holiday celebration begins when an excited elf gets some early Christmas presents and an at-home couple takes a festive ride on the "Cash Train". Plus, Wayne and Jonathan sing holiday-inspired "Jukebox" clues. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E68
Dec 21, 2021
This new LMAD is off to the races! A hot dog plays "Timeline" for a dream trip & a car. Plus, Wayne and Jonathan perform "Deleted Scenes from famous movies and an at-home trader visits the "Dollar Daisy." Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E67
Dec 20, 2021
An all new Mega Money Monday LMAD episode that's so exciting, it's MAD! A baseball player tries to hit a home run deal playing from home. Plus, a butterfly tries to win a car and Tiffany "spills the tea" to Wayne and Jonathan. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E66
Dec 16, 2021
Race your way to watch a new LMAD! A referee tries to go "0 to 80" for her chance at a car. Plus, Wayne & Jonathan perform competing monologues filled with prize clues & a trader serenades Wayne with his original Ukelele songs. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E65
Dec 15, 2021
It's a new LMAD you'll want to "taco" 'bout! A band member plays "Accelerator" for a new car & a flapper tries to "Play It Safe" to win another. Plus, a banana tries to grab some "Cash Envelopes" & a shark visits "Wayne's Tech Corner". Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E64
Dec 14, 2021
A new LMAD that really packs a punch! A Donut tries to go to "Pair-A-Dice" in a new car and a fly tries to match "3 of a Kind" for a car, Plus, Jonathan reads a clue from Dr. Wayne's diary and then sings some drunken opera? Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E63
Dec 13, 2021
Grab your Avocad-bro and watch a new Mega Money Monday episode of LMAD! A leprechaun tries to use the luck of the Irish to win BIG and a dragon rider "goes for a spin" to exchange his dragon for a new car! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E62
Dec 10, 2021
This new LMAD is a circus! A trader plays from home in honor of her grandpa and a busy bee races against the clock to win a car. Plus, Wayne & Jonathan engage in a song battle, while Tiffany announces her new singing lessons. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E61
Dec 09, 2021
A new LMAD full of laughs! A disco couple takes a "big risk" playing from home for cash & prizes. Plus, a clown, a cow, and a fish visit the "Wishing Well." Then Tiffany and Wayne participate in hula hooping contest. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E60
Dec 08, 2021
A new LMAD to brighten your day! Wayne and Jon compete in a dance battle, with a special appearance by Tiffany! Plus, in an LMAD first, one trader surprises her husband with a pregnancy announcement! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E59
Dec 07, 2021
This new LMAD casts a winning spell! A bowling ball and pin try to strike a "gold rush" Plus, cleopatra helps discover some "LMAD Breaking News." Plus, Wayne invents a theme song for a superhero playing from home. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E58
Dec 06, 2021
You & a new LMAD go together like spaghetti & meatballs. A strawberry tries to Make It Wayne on Mega Money Monday & an angelic couple plays from home. Plus, we learn about German Wayne Brady & Jonathan shows off a new dance. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E57
Dec 03, 2021
On a new LMAD, Kristin Chenoweth helps Wayne make some deals & bring in some holiday cheer! Plus, with some help from Wayne, Kristin performs the new song "Why Couldn't It Be Christmas Every Day?" off her new Christmas album! Oh...and it's Fabulous Car Friday too! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E56
Dec 02, 2021
A fun new LMAD is in the cards! A unicorn bride plays "Cash Register" for a car...from her office! Plus, a rock star couple tries to win big, playing "Five Card Wayne" and a trader reveals her obsession with ketchup. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E55
Dec 01, 2021
You have a royal welcome to a new LMAD! A King plays from home & an African Queen plays LMAD for the second time! Plus, Boxer plays "0 to 80" for a car and then Wayne & Jonathan sing clues from the LMAD Jukebox. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E54
Nov 30, 2021
A new LMAD that's a roaring good time! A zonkosaurus plays from home and a corn cob "races to the finish" for a chance at a car, a trip, and more! Plus, a trader plays with her dog & then Wayne and Jonathan perform an epic dance battle! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E53
Nov 29, 2021
This new LMAD is fierce! A leopard tries to match a "Pair-A-Dice" for a car, & a little piggy plays "Remember When" for another! Plus, a queen visits "Wayne's Tech Corner" & an astronaut tries to blast off with a deal, but only "in so many words." Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E52
Nov 24, 2021
It's Thanksgiving with LMAD with Pumpkin Pie, a Turkey sculpture centerpiece, and...an octopi balloon parade with hidden cash!? Plus, we have all the prize fix-ins, including cars, trips, and even some festive zonks. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E51
Nov 23, 2021
It's game time on a new LMAD! A flapper and a mermaid visit the "Wishing Well" & a couple tries to "Smash for Cash" from home. Plus, Wayne and Jonathan perform "30 second theater" show for a prisoner of love. Wayne Brady hosts. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E50
Nov 22, 2021
Strike up the band for a new LMAD and another Mega Money Monday win! Plus, Tiffany "spills the tea" in a fascinating way, a banjo playing beauty queen plays Rock, Paper,Scissors, and a ladybug gets to meet the Money Fairy. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E49
Nov 19, 2021
Friday on LMAD gets more fabulous with guest Jay Leno! He's hoping to give away some fabulous cars, including a Mazda Miata & a new all-electric Ford Mustang! Plus, Jay drives something he never has before- one of our zonks! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E48
Nov 18, 2021
Deals are under construction on a new LMAD! A disco dancer tries to spot the difference between 2 zonk photos, a big baby visits the ATM from home & a majorette demonstrates her baton twirling skills, along with the LMAD cast! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E47
Nov 17, 2021
Cue the confetti! It's a new LMAD! A Hot dog goes for a Spin to win a car, a safari explorer tries to "Strike a Match," a wrestler plays from home, & Tiffany helps "sculpt a deal" with a boxing trader. Hosted by Wayne Brady. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E46
Nov 16, 2021
It's Taco Tuesday on a new LMAD! Jonathan reads the minds of the audience, a construction worker plays from home, a prom king tries to go the distance to win 3 trips, & a soccer referee reveals her obession with pens. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E45
Nov 15, 2021
Breaking News! This Monday on LMAD has some mega money & mega Moments! A pair of beatboxing traders face off in a "Dice Duel, an oompa loompa visits the "Wishing Well," & a caveman discovers the latest prize headlines. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E44
Nov 12, 2021
It's Fabulous Car Friday on LMAD and a lumberjack tries to go "0 to 80" to win a new Lexus! Plus, a flapper makes some "expert phone calls & a couple plays "Cash Register" from home for a chance at $15,000! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E43
Nov 11, 2021
A new LMAD celebrates Veterans' Day with an audience full America's bravest who served our country. Plus, to honor veterans, it's a bonus $10,000 Mega Money Monday giveaway....on a Thursday, along with prizes such as a Ford F-150, a Harley Davidson, & more! Wayne Brady hosts. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E42
Nov 10, 2021
Start a watch party for this new LMAD! A pineapple "goes for a spin," hoping to win a car & Rosie the Riveter plays "Strike a Match!" Plus, a dog plays from home & a pageant queen reveals her fear of post-its! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E41
Nov 09, 2021
Get happy! It's a new LMAD! A pirate hopes to win a car by "remembering when" he saw five movies, and a breadwinner races her way to find the key to another. Plus, a sailor & a cowgirl get prize clues, but only "in so many words." Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E40
Nov 08, 2021
An all new LMAD that's not just good, it's grapes! A beauty queen spins the Accelerator wheel for a car, & an owl plays for a car. Plus, a chef makes a deal from home & a Mega Money Monday surprise that no one was expecting! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E39
Nov 05, 2021
An exciting new LMAD is in the cards! A boxer and an at-home trader play "Spell Me a Winner" to win Friday's fabulous car! Plus, a smart cookie tries to make a "Power Play" & Tiffany interprets Wayne & Jonathan's dreams! Wayne Brady hosts.