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Season 13

Episode Guide


S13 E169
Jun 28, 2022
Where in the world is Carman Sandiego? Right on a new LMAD! A trader rolls dice for a trip to Paris & a pig in a blanket makes some "expert phone calls" for prize clues. Plus, a construction worker & a dalmation draw pictures for cash. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E168
Jun 22, 2022
It's a sunny new LMAD! A scarecrow tries to accelerate toward a new car & an angel hopes to match "3 of a Kind" for $10,000! Plus, Wayne & Jonathan sing Jukebox songs clues & a soccer referee plays a game of "Marbles." Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E167
Jun 17, 2022
LMAD celebrates our first Father's Day show with an audience of dads and their kids playing games like "Go for a Spin", "Big Booty", and more together! Plus, Wayne's daughter, Maile makes a special appearance with Dr. Wayne. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E166
Jun 14, 2022
Fly high with a new LMAD! A pilot tries to make a deal from home, a trader rocks her "race to the finish," & a couple of gnomes hope to draw themselves a deal. Plus, Wayne & Jonathan face off in a magical metal song battle. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E165
Jun 09, 2022
This new LMAD is the ultimate comfort food! A former drag queen tries to strut his way through a game of "Tic, Tac, Deal!" Plus, Tiffany interprets Wayne & Jonathan's dreams & Wayne models some hi-tech sneakers in "Wayne's Tech Corner." Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E2022
Jun 08, 2022
LMAD is in Primetime with the first ever costume spectacular! Traders strut their stuff down the LMAD runway in some of the most elaborate and extravagant costumes in the history of the show! Plus, another trader is guaranteed to win $50,000! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E164
Jun 08, 2022
This new LMAD is a gift! A pharoah faces the "Accelerator" for his chance at a car. Then 2 traders try to translate clues in Vietnamese. Plus, a disco couple plays "Sculpt me a Deal" & a pinata hopes to win a trip, playing "Cash or Crash" from home. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E163
Jun 07, 2022
There's an exciting new LMAD in your future! A fortune teller tries to roll a "Perfect 10" for a car. Then a pair of shoes tries to smash for $20,000 of cash! Plus, a king of hearts hopes to win a "2 for 1" deal & a flower plays from home. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E162
Jun 02, 2022
All hail, a brand new episode of LMAD! A king, a doctor, and a vampire try to "spell out a deal" & a couple plays "Five Card Wayne" for a car! Plus, a trader hopes to win $10,000, playing "Make It Wayne" & Tiffany "spills the tea." Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E2022
Jun 01, 2022
We're celebrating the 1st National LMAD Day with a new Primetime episode! One trader is guaranteed to win $50,000! Plus, we're trying to give away a Tesla, a Ford Mustang, and, for the first time ever, even a world cruise! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E161
Jun 01, 2022
Level up with a new LMAD! A trader races to win $10,000 playing "Speed Lock!" Then, a smart cookie plays "Timeline" for a trip or a car. Plus, a Pirate Pickle plays from home & a Tabloid reveals details about Jonathan's personal guarantee. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E160
May 31, 2022
Watch this new LMAD, it's doctor approved! A scuba diver plays "Tic Tac Deal" for a chance at $10,000! Plus, Wayne and Jonathan both offer deal connections in a fashion-forward version of "The Dealing Game." Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E159
May 27, 2022
Never leave home until you watch this new LMAD! Mary tries to trade her lamb for $10,000, playing "Go Big or Go Home" & an 80s-inspired workout girl plays "3 of a Kind" for this Friday's fabulous car! Plus, a Pirate takes a "Big Risk." Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E158
May 26, 2022
Thank you for being a friend of this new LMAD! Tiffany analyzes the prize dreams of Wayne & Jonathan. Then a doctor plays from home. Plus, a golden girl tries to find a deal behind a plate of waffles...and brings cheesecake (of course). Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E157
May 25, 2022
It's a roaring new LMAD! A glamma tries to "Smash for Cash. Then, Wayne & Jonathan sing clues from the "LMAD Jukebox. Plus, a Bob Ross-inspired trader plays from home & a mermaid reveals her Olympic-level jump rope skills. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E156
May 24, 2022
Jump into this new LMAD! A cowgirl, a turkey, and a hippie try to grab some "$$$ for All." Then, a pineapple and a pizza get advice and prizes from "Dr. Wayne." Plus, a pirate plays "Car Pong" and a nurse plays from home. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E155
May 23, 2022
We're serious! This all new LMAD IS a laughing matter! A jester & a pink cowboy try to make a deal and a date. Plus, Wayne & Jonathan face off in a boy band inspired "song battle" & an at-home trader tries his luck at "Five Card Wayne." Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E154
May 20, 2022
Double, double deal and Bubble! It's a new LMAD! A fairy, a Pirate, and the Cat in the zonk hat play "Beat the Dealer" for $15,000! Plus, Tiffany "spills the tea," Jonathan gets to host an act & a cancer fighting bee plays from home. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E153
May 19, 2022
It's a new LMAD full of unicorns and rainbows! Three traders play "Numbers Up" for cash & a crayon goes on a Spending Spree! Plus, Wayne and Jonathan engage in a song battle with a super superhero! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E152
May 18, 2022
Take a bite out of a new LMAD! An African queen plays "Remember When" for a car & a mail carrier plays "Cash Register" for another. Plus, the King of Hearts plays from home and a trader reveals her obsession with bananas. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E151
May 17, 2022
Everyboy's buzzing about a new LMAD! A tropical tourist tries to match "3 of a Kind" for a car & a hippie plays "Car Pong" for another. Plus, a previous contestant is back a "30 second theater" performance from Wayne & Jonathan. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E150
May 16, 2022
Get your happy feet ready for a new LMAD! A penguin takes her chances with the "Accelerator" wheel to win a car! Plus, a cowboy rolls dice for cash & prizes, then a pizza and an avocado plays "Rock, Paper, Scissors" for $10,000! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E149
May 13, 2022
It's Friday the 13th on LMAD! But you can forget those superstitions of black cats, opening umbrellas, & knocking over salt, because Wayne & the cast hope to turn the unlucky into lucky deals, with some help from special guest Joel McHale. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E148
May 12, 2022
Let this groove get you to watch a new LMAD! A hippie plays "Accelerator" for a car & an at-home trader tries to win a ticket to a one-in-a-lifetime trip. Plus, a duck gets some "Good News/Bad News" from the spirit of Jonathan Mangum. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E147
May 11, 2022
Get ready for a new LMAD with some hot deals! A cupcake goes to the "Trader's Court" & Red Riding hopes to strike a winning match! Plus, a Banana tries to go "0 to 80" for a car, but first he has to call Wayne by the right name... Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E146
May 10, 2022
It's a new LMAD that shows how the west was fun! A ninja plays Tic Tac Deal for a car & a space age couple tries to "Smash for Cash" to win $20,000! Plus, a Roman warrior plays from home & Wayne and Jonathan compete in a dance battle. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E145
May 09, 2022
An all new LMAD where clowning around is encouraged! A dinosaur tries to roll a "Perfect 10" for a car & a couple visits "Dr. Wayne". Plus, 3 traders take their chances in the LMAD "Stock Market" & another plays the "LMAD Lotto." Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E144
May 06, 2022
It's Mother's Day at LMAD with an audience full of moms & special guest Deborah Norville! She helps to report some "LMAD Breaking News" behind Curtain 2. Plus, a mom tries to pick the right key to unlock $15,000! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E143
May 05, 2022
Yabba, dabba, yeah! It's a new LMAD! A cowgirl, a prize-maid, and an at-home trader visit the ATM. Plus, a beekeeper tries to "move on up" for a car, 2 woman guess a guy's age for cash, and a lifeguard plays from home! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E142
May 02, 2022
Good News/ more Good News- It's time for a new LMAD and it's Mega Money Monday! A tourist, a ringmaster, and the tooth fairy try to "beat the dealer" for a car. Plus, a basketball player makes a deal from home. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E141
Apr 28, 2022
Boyz II Men's Shawn Stockman returns to a new LMAD and he quickly seems to steal the spotlight. First, he faces off against Wayne in a song battle & then even takes over hosting duties from Wayne for a game of "Beat the Dealer." Wayne Brady hosts, sort of.


S13 E140
Apr 25, 2022
Experience a whole new world of deals with a fresh episode & a one of a kind performance by Wayne and Jonathan. Plus, tooth fairy hopes to go on a Gold Rush, a farmer plays from home & another Mega Money Monday $10,000 will be won! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E139
Apr 22, 2022
LMAD celebrates Earth Day with a teacher and a $96,000 globe! Then, a trader straight out of the 80s hopes to win a new ride, playing "Car Pong". Plus, an eagle scout, a pirate & a rainbow unicorn try to "beat the dealer" for $10,000! Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E138
Apr 21, 2022
Hip, hippie, hooray! It's a new LMAD! Then, Spaghetti & Meatballs plays Accelerator for a car & a pink monster and a bee play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" for $10,000! Plus, Cleopatra rolls dice for some prize clues. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E137
Apr 20, 2022
It's a new LMAD you'll be taco'ing about! A party animal visits the "Trader's Court" and a turkey takes a ride on the "Cash Train." Plus, a 50's trader hopes to "Keep on Rollin" for a car & a taco couple plays from home. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E136
Apr 19, 2022
All hail, a royally good new LMAD! A deviled egg tries to "Strike a Match" for cash & prizes. Then a teacher plays "Remember When" for a car. Plus, Tiffany reads from Jonathan's diary and a fairy godmother plays from home. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E135
Apr 18, 2022
It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a super new LMAD! A kayaker tries to spell himself a deal. Then a chicken hopes to dance his way to a new car playing "0 to 80". Plus, a pizza delivery couple plays "Cash Register" from home. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E134
Apr 15, 2022
It's Peanut Butter, Jelly Fabulous Car Friday time! A rainbow tries to make a deal connection playing "The Dealing Game" & a knight hopes to "go big" for $10,000. Plus, a pilot plays from home & a woman displays her unique skill of crying like a baby. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E133
Apr 14, 2022
Another day, another dollar, & another LMAD! A plate of pancakes tries to "race to the finish" for a car, a trip, & more. Plus, one pirate tries to "spell winner for a car" from home. Then, Wayne & Jonathan give a "charade parade" of clues to another. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E132
Apr 11, 2022
Mega Money Monday on new LMAD! A skeleton plays "Speed Lock" for a car & a Greek god "goes for a spin" to win another. Plus, a couple tries to sculpt themselves a deal & Wayne starts his training to become a pro rollerblader. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E131
Apr 08, 2022
LMAD celebrates National Siblings Day a few days early with siblings making deals together! Brothers & sisters play games with sound effects, modeling clay, straws & keys! Plus, DOUBLE the prizes, even with our Fabulous Friday Cars! Wayne Brady hosts


S13 E130
Apr 07, 2022
We have the need, the need for deals! A ladybug, an astronaut, & Rosie the Riveter try to ''Beat the Dealer" for a car. Plus, a fairy steps in for Tiffany & Jonathan makes a few "expert phone calls" in search of prize clues for a mom. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E129
Apr 04, 2022
Blast off with a new LMAD! A boombox plays "Speed Lock" for $10,000! Then, a queen of hearts, a camera, & a gumball machine visit the ATM. Plus, Jonathan and Wayne sing clues from the "LMAD Jukebox." Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E128
Apr 01, 2022
An all new technicolor episode of LMAD! A trader hopes to hit the jackpot, playing "Keep on Rollin" for a Fabulous Car! Plus, a Christmas Tree takes a ride on the "Cash Train" & Wayne models some hi-tech sunglasses. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E127
Mar 31, 2022
"Let's Make a Deal welcomes Grammy nominated Jimmie Allen to a new episode! Jimmie joins Wayne and Jonathan for a special edition of ""The Dealing Game."" Plus, he faces off against Wayne in a country music song battle. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E126
Mar 30, 2022
Good News- it's time for a new LMAD! A mad scientist tries to "Think Big" for $10,000! Then, a Jonathan look-a-like megafan plays from home. Plus, a clown, a chauffeur, & a piece of cake try to "Beat the Dealer" for a car. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E125
Mar 29, 2022
A new LMAD with a visit from the tooth fairy! Plus, a referee gets into a game of "Car Pong" and then a couple tries to go on a "Gold Rush" from home. Then, more "Viewer Mail" & Tiffany interprets the dreams of Wayne and Jonathan. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E124
Mar 28, 2022
A new LMAD with some really sweet dills! A pickle visits "Wayne's Tech Corner, a chicken plays Rock, Paper, Scissors & a Band Member starts the "Accelerator" for a car. Plus, Wayne, Jonathan, & Tiffany go to the "Trader's Court!" Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E123
Mar 25, 2022
It's Christmas in March on a new LMAD! A pirate "goes for a spin" for this Friday's fabulous car & an elf plays "Five Card Wayne". Plus, a fisherman tries to reach a "Turning Point" and a construction worker plays from home. Wayne Brady hosts.


S13 E122
Mar 24, 2022
A new LMAD that's so fun, it's like magic! A taco trader takes a ride on the "Cash Train" from home and a king tries to "keep on rollin" all the way to a car. Plus, a shark hopes to win a trip ticket & Wayne and Jonathan play "The Dealing Game" with a real life zonk? Wayne Brady hosts.