Get a Play By Play of The War To End All Game Show Wars: LMAD vs. TPIR

Posted on Mar 31, 2015 | 05:05pm
To celebrate April Fools' Day, LMAD had a few interesting ideas about how to prepare. They decided to look to their Frenemeis at TPIR and came up with a bold strategy... steal Plinko. Things kind of escalated from their and a full blown LMAD vs. TPIR war was afoot. Lets go over the history of this: 

1. LMAD Steal Plinko
2. TPIR calls out LMAD for missing something.

3. LMAD ups the ante with a VIP hostage.
4. TPIR retaliates with their own VIP hostage. 
5. A cease-fire is struck... with a twist.