Get A Full Behind-The-Scenes View Of LMAD

From the executive producer to the set dresser, see how the magic happens!
Posted on Oct 21, 2015 | 06:00am
How does it all come together? Getting all the elements—and props!—ready for Let's Make a Deal takes a big team: producers, crew members, set dressers (and let's not forget Tiffany the model).

If you've ever been curious how the show brings everything to life each morning, here's your chance to get a behind-the-scenes look at how the team works together, from 8 different perspectives:

Floor Producer
The floor producer guides Wayne through the specifics of each deal as the host is having fun with contestants. You may have seen him make a few appearances as the LMAD Money Fairy.

The Best Boy Grip
 The best boy grip is in charge of bringing in and removing all props from the stage. Cards, small boxes, marblesyou name ithe brings it in (and makes sure the curtains look nice too).

The Executive Producer
The executive producer sits in the control room. He works with the director, the lighting director, and the rest of crew to make sure the show looks as best as it can on TV.

The Twitter Vote
Follow one of our Co-EPs as he counts the Twitter votes, delivers the answers to our crew, and makes sure our games are adjusted just a few minutes before Wayne announces the results.

The Model
You see Tiffany every day, but what does she see? See Tiffany's view as she models a car and spins the Go for a Spin wheel as our contestant gets ready for her chance at some cash or prizes!

The Set Dresser
The curtain dresser gets each curtain ready for their reveal on the show. Our prizes are great, but they even better on TV after the curtain dresser and his team make them shine! 

The Big Deal!
All of our crew has to hide for our big opening shot and then run back onto stage to show Wayne all the details about how much today's Big Deal is worth and get our audience pumped up!

Backstage Tour
We have so many prizes that we have two sound stages: one for our set and one for all our prizes and decor for the curtains, doors, and boxes. 

And that's how the magic happens!