Your Zonk Ideas!

Check out who's 'What's Your Zonk' ideas have made it to the show!

Spray on Hair

1. Spray on Hair

An accident with a hair spray can inspired today's viewer 'Zonk', Spray on Hair. Thanks Pablo! His inspiration? "I was cleaning out an old closet and found a can of hairspray from 1989 in an old box. By accident, when I went to throw it away, it squirted me in the face!"
Meat Loafers

2. Meat Loafers

Adam let's us know about the inspiration for his amazing zonk idea! "First off, I love the show. The Meat Loafers idea came when I saw food made into footwear as zonks. I thought meatloaf would be obvious to use as a zonk, hence the zonk name, Meat Loafers. Anyway, thank you so much for using my zonk!"
Hand Bag

3. Hand Bag

"My name is Louise and I've been watching "Let's Make A Deal ever since I was a child. I've also been making things up for just as long. Even though my idea for a ZONK will be used as a loosing prize, I still feel like a winner!"
Bacon Ferris Wheel!

4. Bacon Ferris Wheel!

Now breakfast is more fun than ever with Kyle's Zonk Idea, the Bacon Ferris Wheel!