9 Pieces Of Parenting Advice, Courtesy Of Jen And Greg

Check out Jen and Greg's guide to parenting.

1. Check out Jen and Greg's guide to parenting.

Like most first-time parents, Jen and Greg are learning as they go. And though baby Lark is just a few months old, the couple has already picked up on some pretty important tips when it comes to parenting, so scroll through for some smart—and sometimes unorthodox—pieces of parenting advice you don't have to have birth a child to understand.

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1. Don’t let your in-laws get too involved.

2. 1. Don’t let your in-laws get too involved.

While Jen and Greg think it's great that grandparents Joan and John want to be so hands-on, they can take it a little too far sometimes. For example: when they hijacked Lark's first Christmas on "College Stealing Santa Caroling" (Episode 11, Season 1). The in-laws eventually apologized and the couple set some stronger boundaries. 
2. Make time for yourselves.

3. 2. Make time for yourselves.

As new parents, you can often find yourselves getting wrapped up in all things baby. So, it's important to take some alone time and maybe even a date night, like Jen and Greg inadvertently did on "Hospital Boudoir Time-Out Namaste" (Episode 9, Season 1), after Jen cut open her finger and had to spend hours in the hospital without Lark.
3. Be open to outside help.

4. 3. Be open to outside help.

When Jen was struggling with breast-feeding, she called in some consultants to help her out on "Interruptus Date Breast Movin'" (Episode 2, Season 1). While their approach was bizarre, Jen and Greg remained opened to the process until certain physical boundaries were crossed. The couple later opened themselves up to finding a nanny on "Nanny Tent Earrings Cheeto" (Season 1, Episode 7), but had a much more vigorous interview process in place.
4. Be a parenting team.

5. 4. Be a parenting team.

It's important to stick together as a couple when it comes to raising a child. We noticed that on "Prison Baby Golf Picking" (Episode 4, Season 1) when Jen forced Greg to stand up to his mom after Joan and Heather backhandedly criticized Jen’s parenting skills. 
5. Be over prepared.

6. 5. Be over prepared.

Jen was hesitant to leave Lark at home when she had to go back to work. To ease her anxiety, the overprotective mother left approximately 1,000 sticky notes all over the house to make sure everything was kept in order, as we saw on "Burn Vasectomy Milkshake Pong" (Episode 10, Season 1). You can never be too prepared, right?
6. Stock up on supplies.

7. 6. Stock up on supplies.

Babies come with a lot of stuff and this couple learned the hard way that it's imperative to keep a fully stocked house. When they ran out of diapers on "Sleepy Email Brunch Tree" (Episode 3, Season 1), Greg was sent out on a late-night run and ended up getting arrested for his questionable behavior due to lack of sleep. 
7. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

8. 7. Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Doesn't it drive you crazy to see parents who clean their kids every two seconds? Well, that's how Greg and Jen felt when they decided to not be those germaphobic parents.  But that conviction was put to the test when a dirty handyman took it upon himself to place a pacifier in Lark's mouth on "Babe Secret Phone Germs" (Episode 5, Season 1).
8. Find a suitable godparent.

9. 8. Find a suitable godparent.

When you become a parent, you put your child before yourself and think of who should take care of the little one in the event of a tragedy. That's why Jen and Greg carefully vetted all of the people in their life to find the perfect godparent for Lark on "Godparent Turkey Corn Farts" (Episode 8, Season 1) and eventually settled on Matt. 
9. Think worst-case scenario.

10. 9. Think worst-case scenario.

Along with finding a suitable godparent, Jen and Greg went above and beyond to prepare for the worst, like the time they took separate flights to make sure Lark wouldn't be left alone if one plane crashed on "Bite Flight Wing-Man Bonnie" (Episode 12, Season 1).

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