8 Types Of Geniuses You'd Want On Your Team

1. The Neuro Ninja

1. 1. The Neuro Ninja

Brian, with the help of the mysterious super-drug NZT, can measure the potential energy in every bone and muscle in his body, giving him peak physical coordination. His fine motor skills and dexterity allow him to make immediate calculations about what he is physically capable of. Brian’s visual perception of his environment adds to his physical capabilities because he is able to create and manipulate mental images, allowing him to perfectly calculate his orientation in his environment.

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2. The Word Warrior

2. 2. The Word Warrior

Because of his eidetic memory, Dr. Spencer Reid can speak a multitude of foreign languages. With an IQ of 187, he can read at 20,000 words per minute and memorize both visual and audible information. That means he doesn't have to look up "eidetic" like you do (it means he has vivid mental images).

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3. The Laser Overlord

3. 3. The Laser Overlord

Leonard Hofstadter has an IQ of 173 with a distinguished background in theoretical physics and quantum mechanics. Given how frequently Leonard experiments with lasers, just think of how many ray-guns he could make! 

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4. The Epic Engineer

4. 4. The Epic Engineer

Happy is a mechanical prodigy who can eyeball the density of most metals and alloys, as well as the structural makeup of any car, train, or building. She’s a master of homemade weapons and can determine the speed, impact, and trajectory of bullets and other flying objects.

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5. The Zoo Keeper

5. 5. The Zoo Keeper

As a veterinary pathologist, Mitch Morgan understands all things animal. He has the ability to analyze their characteristics and behaviors, as well as the impact that humans and the environment have on different species. Just call him the king of the jungle!

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6. The Human Calculator

6. 6. The Human Calculator

Sylvester is a mathematical genius who can solve complex math and physics equations on the fly, including taking into account factors like wind resistance, temperature, and time. Sylvester can recognize patterns and numerical relationships that allow him to solve both hypothetical and real-life problems through logic.

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7. The Mind Mender

7. 7. The Mind Mender

Dr. Avery Ryan leads the FBI’s cyber crime investigators as they solve cases involving the dark web. The esteemed behavioral psychologist can make judgments and assessments based on a person’s subconscious psychical cues, which are tied to their emotions and thoughts.

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8. The Sage

8. 8. The Sage

Ducky, the medical examiner for the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, knows practically everything about the science of the human body. Not only that, but everybody comes to him for advice—personal and professional—making Ducky the resident fountain of wisdom.

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