Brian Finch's Most Adorkable Moments

The Federal Bureau of Brian's Antics

1. The Federal Bureau of Brian's Antics

He may work for the FBI, but Brian Finch isn't your average suit-and-tie G-man.
All the world's a stage

2. All the world's a stage

While spending days trapped in his apartment with Mike and Ike, Brian quickly ran out of things to entertain himself with. After solving dozens of problems, simultaneously solving two Rubik's cubes at the same time, and drawing a portrait of Albert Einstein, Brian created paper maché replicas of his two bodyguards and put on a play.
The subway tunnel of love

3. The subway tunnel of love

Brian ran into Shauna, his ex-girlfriend, on a subway platform while demonstrating perfect pitch with a performer's cello. With a little boost from NZT, he not only caught up with "the one who got away," but impressed her with his new-found personality skills.
Finch's claymation film

4. Finch's claymation film

In order to prevent “regular Brian” from telling Rebecca about Senator Morra, "NZT Brian" made some a video to ensure he didn't forgot key insights after the drug wore off. He also made hilariously adorable claymation figures of all the people involved.
Knowledge knockout

5. Knowledge knockout

Just because Brian has a perfect memory on NZT doesn't mean everything comes easy to him. After Brian figured he'd harnessed a few lessons from kung fu movies, agent Casey Brooks still mopped the floor with him. Of course, by the next training session, the tables were turned.
Finch fakes sick

6. Finch fakes sick

Like any free spirit, Brian decided that he wanted to take advantage of some glorious weather with a day off. After faking sick to get rid of Mike and Ike, we got a hilarious montage of Brian getting ready.
Pirate publicity

7. Pirate publicity

In order to get the attention of a legendary pirate, Brian made a sandwich board that stated: “I have valuable information about an informant in your organization. Will trade for $$$.” He made sure to translate his gaudy gold board into Malaysian.
Clay criminals

8. Clay criminals

In a play to earn his own "Headquarters!” from Naz, Brian offered to catch the FBI's Top 10 Most Wanted criminals. Rather than just talking it out, Brian created clay replicas of all 10 of the bad guys, then pulled out a globe and put each of them on their suspected locations.
Finch's post prototype (not to be confused with an

9. Finch's post prototype (not to be confused with an "office")

After pestering Naz for days to get his very own headquarters, Brian struck his deal to catch the agency's 10 Most Wanted. To give his boss a feel of what his new space might look like, he created a prototype—complete with a sign.
Prosthetic puns

10. Prosthetic puns

Boyle's buddy was accused of murder, but insisted he didn't have control of his prosthetic arm at the time. While working on the case, Brian naturally made some arm-related puns.