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Cormac Murphy
Age: 26
Current city: New York City
Occupation: Nightclub promoter

Cormac was born in Ireland to an American mom and Irish dad. He thought he'd play rugby professionally, but he moved to New York City instead to pursue modeling. Hook-ups are easy for this hottie—and he's had plenty—but at 26, Cormac is ready to get past the one-night stands and find someone to keep around!

Find out everything you need to know about him here:

- Without fail, Cormac gets his hair cut every 10 days.
- He grew up with three older brothers playing rugby.
- Technically, Cormac has been single for three months, but his last real long-term relationship was in high school.
- He has never been in love. Yes, he's said the word, but he hasn't meant it.