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Mackenzie Dipman
Mackenzie Dipman
Age: 24
Occupation: Student
Current city: Scottsdale, Arizona
Zodiac sign: Leo

Mackenzie's dating history reads like a bad rom-com, but she has not given up on finding love.
She is confident that Love Island is just the place to find it.

Here's everything you need to know about Mackenzie:

-Mackenzie rescued her elderly dog from a local foster home and claims they saved
each other's lives.
-Guys, we hope you have some money in your pockets because all her exes are millionaires.
-Her ideal partner must love sports because she's a true fanatic and watches tons of
-Matthew McConaughey has been her celebrity crush since she was 5 years old. She says
he's "a version of my dream man—a Southern gentleman with a Texas accent." 
-If she could write her own dating profile, it would be: "Unpopular opinions: whipped
cream is not sexy or tasty, disco is the best genre, three cups of coffee a day is good for
you, Tom Brady is not the GOAT."