Season 3

Episode Guide

Love Island USA - Episode 1

S3 E1
Jul 07, 2021
Host Arielle Vandenberg and narrator Matthew Hoffman return with even more love and romance this summer as LOVE ISLAND escapes the desert and heads back to the beach. Islanders will couple up on the sundrenched Hawaiian Island where they will be ready for more texts, fireside ceremonies, challenges and friendships. And, as always viewers can vote on the Love Island app all season long, having input on who goes on dates, who's at risk from being dumped from the Island and who are fan favorites.

Love Island USA - Episode 2

S3 E2
Jul 08, 2021
Things are heating up for the Islanders! The boys and girls rock their sexiest Regency era costumes as they kiss and tell during the season's first challenge: Whistleblower.

Love Island USA - Episode 3

S3 E3
Jul 09, 2021
Jeremy and Trina enjoy some alone time on a date. New Islander Aimee shakes things up as she enters the villa.

Love Island USA - Episode 4

S3 E4
Jul 11, 2021
Emotions run high as Aimee turns more than one boys head. Host Arielle Vandenberg shocks the Islanders when she returns to the Villa to announce the seasons first Recoupling.

Love Island USA - Episode 5

S3 E5
Jul 13, 2021
After the events of the previous night's recoupling, our Islanders welcome new boy Isaiah into the Villa. With Shannon and Josh's relationship sitting in rocky territory, Isaiah makes his interest in her known immediately. The Cashay, Cinco, and Trina love triangle gets even more complicated as the girls wonder: When will Cinco make a decision?

Love Island USA - Episode 6

S3 E6
Jul 14, 2021
After last night's Kissing Booth game, the Islanders can't help but acknowledge the rise in tensions of all kinds. Cinco spends more time mulling over his decision between Cashay and Trina and tries not to get distracted by Lei-Yen, one of the three new Islanders to join the Villa.

Love Island USA - Episode 7

S3 E7
Jul 15, 2021
After choosing Trina, Cinco has a hard time talking to Cashay. Cashay feels disrespected by both Trina and Cinco and puts up necessary barriers. Our new Islanders choose what boys they want to take out on a date and at night the Islanders play a steamy game of Unboxed.

Love Island USA - Episode 8

S3 E8
Jul 16, 2021
After an emotionally exhausting past few days, the Islanders get to relax and have fun with a new challenge, "All Lubed Up." Important talks and last minute efforts all lead up to the night's recoupling ceremony hosted by Arielle Vandenberg. Which girls will have the chance to keep looking for love and which will get dumped from the island?

Love Island USA - Episode 9

S3 E9
Jul 18, 2021
At the height of the double elimination fallout, we drop a couple of bombshells, as two new boys join the villa.

Love Island USA - Episode 10

S3 E10
Jul 20, 2021
The next Recoupling of the season is here and with the Ceremony quickly approaching, Islanders make their final efforts to lock down a place in the Villa. Cashay struggles with being a deciding factor, Aimee has her best interest at heart, and Florita finally comes to a decision between Islanders Korey and Jeremy.

Love Island USA - Episode 11

S3 E11
Jul 21, 2021
After last night's recoupling, Florita makes a point to let Korey know where her feelings are. Olivia and Cashay agree to go for the gold and get their man, all pride aside. After a round of "Mr. & Mrs." the couples may realize they don't know each other all that well.

Love Island USA - Episode 12

S3 E12
Jul 22, 2021
Operation Heart Attack is the talk of The Villa as Cashay and Olivia confess their long harboured feelings to Cinco and Will respectively. Will words alone be enough to sway the boys into their arms? As if there wasn't enough to think about, the Islanders are put on the chopping block with a shocking visit from Arielle Vandenberg for a sudden elimination.

Love Island USA - Episode 13

S3 E13
Jul 23, 2021
Thankful for the distraction after a tough night, the Islanders give their all in a battle of the sexes in "The Love Island Games." And the action doesn't stop there! Our favorite love triangle is still at work as Cinco tries to figure out what side of him he likes better: The side that's in a couple with Trina or The side that wants to couple with Cashay.

Love Island USA - Episode 14

S3 E14
Jul 25, 2021
Say hello to five new girls, and five new boys. It's the return of Casa Amour. The couples will be divided and face ultimate temptation. Who will stay and who will stray?

Love Island USA - Episode 15

S3 E15
Jul 27, 2021
The Villa and Casa Amor are full of hot people and hot emotions! Emotions are still being carefully weighed by our Islanders as they debate between branching out or staying loyal. With a new challenge that pits our two houses against each other, feelings are put into better perspective. A little friendly competition never hurts, right?

Love Island USA - Episode 16

S3 E16
Jul 28, 2021
Final conversations are had as our Islanders prepare for the next Recoupling Ceremony. Though Charlie is all in for Cashay, she faces as much uncertainty as her former partner Cinco. Isabel feels like Korey isn't giving her any sort of clarity and Shannon and Kyra feel like their time on Love Island rests in the palms of Josh and Will's hands. The Recoupling happens now. Let's see who shakes things up!

Love Island USA - Episode 17

S3 E17
Jul 29, 2021
The Recoupling left our Islanders a little worse for wear and it doesn't look like they're catching a break anytime soon. Kyra questions how much she can trust Will after a confession of what he was up to when she was away at Casa Amor. Cinco puts an end to the love triangle and makes his feelings for Cashay known. Trina tries to cope with another lost love.

Love Island USA - Episode 18

S3 E18
Jul 30, 2021
The Villa could use a good pick-me-up and it gets just that in the form of Smooch, Marry, Pie, the game our Islanders will play to get to know each other even better. The boys dish about the new girls and the vibe they bring to the Villa and the night time hangout brings new tensions.

Love Island USA - Episode 19

S3 E19
Aug 01, 2021
Our Islanders find resolutions to last night's drama and take the new day to move on. Cashay and Cinco gain some added tension between them before Cashay settles on a final decision and Cinco admits that if he doesn't have Cashay, he's not going to force any new relationships. At night, the Islanders have fun letting loose with "Hearts on Fire" as they get to strip for each other and see who gets whose heart racing. Arielle Vandenberg returns for another elimination round which, of course, sparks different tensions and raises emotions throughout The Villa. Shannon and Will express their true feelings towards one another and three new girls pull their top two boys for a late night dinner date.

Love Island USA - Episode 20

S3 E20
Aug 03, 2021
Though their romance is somewhat new, Olivia starts to worry about losing Korey to new Islander, Bailey. Kyra lets the girls know where they should stand when it comes to her relationship with Will and Alana and Elly pick up and something being off between Cashay and Charlie.

Love Island USA - Episode 21

S3 E21
Aug 04, 2021
Power couple Shannon and Josh get a text that whisks them away on their first official date! Korey gives Bailey extra attention leaving Olivia to think that their flame of romance has burned out. Charlie gets to know Alana better and makes a big decision on his relationship with Cashay. And just when you think things couldn't get any better, two new Islanders step into The Villa!

Love Island USA - Episode 22

S3 E22
Aug 05, 2021
The Islanders spend the night getting to know their two new boys with risque dares, delicious chocolates, and extravagant pillow fights. Due to an unexpected loss at home, Josh makes the decision to leave The Villa and Shannon goes with him. Charlie expresses interest in Alana and is happy to hear his feelings are reciprocated. K-Ci and Andre get to take their girl of their choice out on a date. Sparks fly between Olivia and Andre unbeknownst to Korey who hopes he won't lose Bailey to an eagerly awaiting Jeremy.

Love Island USA - Episode 23

S3 E23
Aug 06, 2021
After her date with Andre, Olivia starts to feel torn between him and Korey - a fact that excites Islander Bailey. A panic settles over The Villa when Korey gets a text about the upcoming Recoupling and when Cashay tries to get a straight answer from Charlie he only works to confuse her more by confessing an "infatuation" towards Alana. At the Recoupling that night, shocking decisions are made and one Islanders says a final goodbye to Love Island.

Love Island USA - Episode 24

S3 E24
Aug 08, 2021
Our couples break off after The Recoupling to talk about the recent Islander loss and discuss the status of their relationships. Trina and Olivia, though happy in their couples, are less than ecstatic about Charlie's new match up with Alana. Today's challenge is "The Fast and the Furriest," and our couples will race against each other and the clock to determine who has the best communication. Olivia raves about her relationship with Korey and feels like they're getting closer through every moment and conversation. On the other hand, Elly stresses about not feeling a spark with K-Ci and Bailey wonders why Jeremy doesn't continue to flirt with her now that they're coupled up. Trina starts to catch feelings for Andre but doesn't know if she should open up and be vulnerable. When Charlie mentions he misses Cashay, Alana starts to worry about his lack of honesty and thinks she's going to get hurt the same way Cashay did. The girls go "undercover" to try to get the boys to do different tasks. From making smoothies, to slow dancing, to acting like cats in the sun, the boys can't catch a break (or get a clue)! Will and Kyra get to go out on their first date and talk about their relationship outside of The Villa. That night, Arielle Vandenberg returns to The Villa to send the couple with the least potential on the first boat home.

Love Island USA - Episode 25

S3 E25
Aug 10, 2021
The Islanders have their Villa rocked in today's challenge "Dirty Laundry." After hearing what America has to say about them and their relationships, some couples start to question their own character as well as how honest their partners have been.Bailey worries about America not seeing her as genuine while Trina takes being seen as a leftover as an insult. Olivia and Korey aren't bothered by the tweets and know that their relationship is strong. Kyra and Will hit a hard bump in their otherwise perfectly paved road and Olivia and Trina swoop in to offer Kyra some much needed roadside assistance.

Love Island USA - Episode 26

S3 E26
Aug 11, 2021
Family Day at The Villa comes as a surprise for the Islanders. Each Islanders gets a personal one on one chat with their family members while also getting time to introduce the other half of their couple. The Islanders' families are, for the most part, 100% approving and ready to welcome new faces into their homes. However, Kyra's father expresses some doubts that leave Kyra even more shaken by the sudden change in her view on her and Will's relationship.

Love Island USA - Episode 27

S3 E27
Aug 12, 2021
Kyra and Will struggle with the fact that Kyra's family is not 100% approving of Will. The next morning the Islanders wake up from a text. After a heavy and sweaty workout, the Islanders are plunged into a challenge that tests whose pheromones they're most attracted to. After that, the Islanders enter Couples Therapy and get to ask their most burning questions while the others watch on and vote on if the responses are Truth or Lies. That night, Arielle Vandenberg returns to The Villa and the Islanders say goodbye to one couple.

Love Island USA - Episode 28

S3 E28
Aug 13, 2021
The Islanders spend one of their last days in The Villa going out on extravagant and beautiful dates. Olivia and Korey take to the skies and reminisce about their first moments, Alana and Charlie sway to their own beat and discuss the growth of their relationship, Bailey and Jeremy are fired up to have found each other, and Kyra and Will take a dive into new areas of their relationship.

Love Island USA - Episode 29

S3 E29
Aug 15, 2021
The Islanders settled in for their last day in The Villa. After the girls make breakfast, the Islanders play "Race To The Altar" and the winning couple scores a bonus night in The Hideaway. The next morning, the four couples gather for a brunch and reflect on the relationships they've formed in The Villa. Soon after the girls are whisked way to find their picture perfect dress for that night's ceremonies and all Islanders work on their Declarations of Love. That night, the girls rejoin the boys in The Villa, all of them dressed to the nines, and share their words of love before indulging in the celebration of being the final four couples. Arielle Vandenberg returns for the finale and announces the winners of Love Island 2021 and the $100,000 prize!