Go Behind The Scenes Of The Explosive MacGyver Set

Wondering how all the action happens? Check out photos of the cast from the set of the new CBS action-adventure show MacGyver.

Profile pic

1. Profile pic

Get a closer look at MacGyver's mug shot.

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Show him the door

2. Show him the door

The cameraman catches a scene in which MacGyver is tossed in a jail cell.

3. Skylight

A cameraman directs MacGyver star Lucas Till in the jail cell. 
The solution is clear

4. The solution is clear

Take a closer look at the clear key from the episode.
Up close and personal

5. Up close and personal

The eye of the camera perfectly captures how these two characters didn't see eye-to-eye!
Door jam

6. Door jam

It took two cameras and multiple crew members to get the perfect shot of MacGyver opening his cell.

7. Trunk-trapped

MacGyver star Lucas Till smiles from the trunk of a car between takes. 
Seeing both sides

8. Seeing both sides

The crew literally built a wall to capture both sides of the scene simultaneously.
Take a seat

9. Take a seat

The actors' chairs are lined up and ready to roll.

Tag, you're Mac

11. Tag, you're Mac

In order to capture the perfect running shot, a crew member runs in front of Lucas Till.
Ready for his close-up

12. Ready for his close-up

Get a director's view of MacGyver star Lucas Till.
We're rolling

13. We're rolling

With a multiple cameras, a tow, and a sprinkle of TV magic, this car turns into the truck used in Mac and Jack's high-speed getaway.
Tracking the truck

14. Tracking the truck

In order to capture Mac and Jack's harrowing escape, the crew films from a big rig towing the truck.
And... Jack-tion!

15. And... Jack-tion!

MacGyver star George Eads poses in a truck before filming begins.
What's so funny?

16. What's so funny?

MacGyver star Lucas Till has a good laugh between takes. We want in on the joke!

17. Face-off

Here's Wilt's view from his failed attempt at scaring Mac in "Metal Saw."
Setting the scene

18. Setting the scene

MacGyver's Lucas Till preps for his take.
All eyes on you!

19. All eyes on you!

Till points to his fans in between takes for "Metal Saw."
The crew are MacGyvers, too!

20. The crew are MacGyvers, too!

Crew members set up a car chase scene by mounting rigs and cameras to a stripped car. Turns out Mac isn't the only handy one on set!
All about the details

21. All about the details

MacGyver star George Eads talks scene details with a crew member.

22. Catch!

MacGyver star Lucas Till leans out of the car to film a chase scene.
Quiet on the set

23. Quiet on the set

MacGyver dozes off for a sleepy scene.