Season 1: Episode 7 - Passage
Posted on Nov 3, 2014 02:55pm

For Madam Secretary’s first trip abroad, she’s set on Turkey, but the President has a friend with business interests in India. The Secretary makes the adjustment and abides by the President’s wishes -- India it is.

Madam Secretary is eager for her family to get some international experience, but her husband Henry says he’s too bogged down writing his latest book. She’ll have to go with her two youngest kids, while her eldest daughter, Stevie, also stays home to work.

Meanwhile, her speechwriter, Matt, has last minute passport issues and has to stay in the US. Usually, Madam Secretary would pull some strings and get Matt on the trip, but she questions his loyalty to the new administration and decides to use this opportunity to test out a new staffer, Scott.

While The Secretary is away, Matt struggles with his on again/off again fling with his co-worker, Daisy. He’s starting to feel more invested, but she continues to push him away because she has a serious boyfriend.

On her way to work, Stevie spots her Dad in a coffee shop having an animated conversation with a very pretty, young brunette. Is it a simple lunch, or is the husband of the Secretary of State sneaking around? While Matt and Daisy are out at a bar, they see Stevie so drunk she's practically falling off her bar stool. Stevie tells Daisy that her dad is cheating. Daisy takes care of Stevie, unsure if she should confront her boss with this revelation or stay quiet.

Back in India, Madam Secretary gives a pro-business speech while her younger daughter, Alison, takes a walk with a cute Indian boy. During a sudden earthquake, the family is separated. Luckily, her daughter is quickly found and everyone’s ok, although the country is seriously damaged. In the wake of the earthquake, Madam Secretary takes her kids and staff and gets on the next plane back home.

When the Secretary returns, she learns that the earthquake caused a major leak at a chemical plant and 4,000 Indian citizens are dead. The President’s friend didn’t want to update safety regulations to American standards -- he took the easy way out, saving a small sum, while damaging thousands of lives in the process. Madam Secretary certainly can’t point the finger at an ally of the President, and she needs convince India to accept foreign aide. And just as importantly, how will she handle Daisy’s revelation that her husband may be cheating?

To change India’s position, Matt suggests that she take responsibility for the spill – saying that if she had known that the plant wasn’t up to regulations, she would have addressed the safety issue before the tragedy occurred. Madam Secretary takes Matt’s advice, taking the heat for the catastrophe. Her contrition goes over well, allowing the Indian government to change their position and accept American aide. Matt goes over to Daisy’s apartment to celebrate, but he’s too late. Daisy’s boyfriend just proposed and she accepted, leaving Matt with lingering feelings and an awkward work relationship, to say the least.

With Matt’s successful speech, Madam Secretary feels more confidence in Matt’s abilities and in her staff overall. She knows that her speechwriter is on her team, now she has to see if her husband is loyal as well.

Madam Secretary confronts Henry. Is he having an affair? Henry tells the truth – he’s not cheating. He is working for the National Security Administration (NSA) again. The attractive woman he had lunch with is his handler.

The Secretary can’t reveal this truth to Stevie, but she can assure her eldest daughter that everything is fine with their family. Operating in the public eye can be a struggle, but so far, they’re handling it as a team.