Season 1: Episode 11 - Game On
Posted on Dec 1, 2014 12:00am

As a former CIA agent, Madam Secretary has been well trained for impossible missions. Her motto: get in, get out and don’t ask questions. But when it comes to investigating the untimely death of her predecessor, former Secretary of State Vincent Marsh – things aren’t so simple.

Through her investigation, Secretary McCord discovers that Marsh had a secret bank account in Venezuela. Was he raising funds for a future presidential run? Madam Secretary convinces her team that their next international diplomatic mission should be in this South American country, so she can get to the bottom of it.

The problem is – Venezuela is run by a government notoriously hostile to the U.S. How will they jump over this hurdle? Daisy suggests they bring the most famous Venezuelan American in the world – a well-known baseball player named Manny. With the famous ballplayer on the roster, the diplomatic mission is approved and Madam Secretary and her staff head to Venezuela.

Of course, someone will need to watch the kids. Stevie volunteers, if only to keep her two younger siblings out of trouble.

In Venezuela, the only person with access to the secret account is Nadine, her Chief of Staff. Nadine is nervous but she manages to keep her cool at the bank, gaining access. Unfortunately, there’s no money left. There was 40 million US dollars but now it’s at zero. Someone took all the money out – but it wasn’t Secretary Marsh. The withdrawal happened the day after his death.

During the mission, Daisy spots the first lady of Venezuela flirting with the famous baseball player. At first, everyone is worried and Daisy makes sure to keep the two apart. But her worry was unfounded. Manny has his eye on someone else - Secretary McCord’s Assistant, Blake. It turns out everyone’s favorite ballplayer is gay.

The faux diplomatic mission seems on track, until Manny decides to seize the moment on the international stage. When he reaches the podium for a welcome speech, he comes out – shocking everyone, especially the conservative Venezuelan government. On top of that shocker, the President of Venezuela knows that this was no ordinary diplomatic mission. He has video footage of Nadine going to the foreign bank to access the account. Luckily, Madam Secretary does some quick thinking, threatening to cut off international trade with Venezuela if they don’t let her and her staff go. The President agrees and the staff safely returns to the United States.

Back at home, Secretary McCord is suspicious. Something happened with her kids when she was away. Because of Stevie’s cover-up, she doesn’t know that her youngest daughter almost spent the night with a new boyfriend. But with Madam Secretary’s workload, it’s only a matter of time before she misses another big family drama happening right under her nose.

At work, Russell confronts Secretary McCord about her investigation into Marsh’s death. Why is she prying into things that aren’t her business?

Madam Secretary lets Russell know that she’s been keeping an eye on him and she has reason to suspect him of being involved in Secretary Marsh’s death. But Russell’s extreme reaction lets her know that he wasn’t involved. He also fell for falsely leaked information – which she had her Press Secretary, Matt, plant.

Now that Madam Secretary and Russell are back on the same team – the question still remains. Who killed Secretary Marsh? Madam Secretary gets an ID on the last person to access Secretary Marsh’s secret Venezuelan account. It was a woman, an Iranian national. Were the Iranians behind the murder of the Secretary of State? If true, his death was no personal vendetta. Rather, it was something so high level, even the President will need to be involved.