15 Things We Learned from the Cast: Episode 4 Live Tweet
Posted on Oct 13, 2014 12:10pm

The Madam Secretary cast had a little fun on Twitter during episode 4's live tweet. Check out the jokes they made and the facts they revealed.

1. Tim Daly, Erich Bergen is definitely watching.

2. Geoffrey Arend created a Madam Secretary drinking game at Erich Bergen's suggestion.

3. Geoffrey Arend takes Erich Bergen's joke to the next level.

4. Geoffrey Arend went to NYU and studied... sighing?

5. Thomas Aquinas may have been the real star of this episode...

6. Erich Bergen made a push for 'Jersey Boys' in the script.

7. The house set is amazing.

8. Filming was done at Long Island University and the historic Waldorf Astoria.

9. Kathrine Herzer knows 'Looking for Alaska' like the back of her hand.

10. Wallis Currie-Wood, who plays Stevie is from Texas.

11. The pillow fight was more intense than it may have seemed.

12. Eric Stoltz directed the episode.

13. Erich Bergen was on the edge of his seat, even though he was in the episode.

14. Erich Bergen teased a big plot point.

15. Hmm... spoiler alert?