Madam Secretary Is Back, Here's What the Cast and Creator Are Saying Star Tea Leoni and creator Barbara Hall talk about what has them excited
Posted on Feb 27, 2015 01:30pm

Madam Secretary returns from its break for a highly-anticipated, 3-episode arc this Sunday, March 1 and 8/7c. The premiere will kick off a 3-episode arc that will deal with many of your biggest questions around the deaths of Secretary Marsh, and Elizabeth's friend from the CIA, George. Here's what Tea Leoni and show creator Barbara Hall have been saying about the premiere.

Star Tea Leoni is happy to be back for more as Madam Secretary

Tea Leoni talked to the press about her 49th birthday and the return of a show she's in a happy state to be doing. She also revealed some tidbits fans will be fascinated to know. For example, she talked about who inspired her portrayal of her authoritative but diplomatic character. It's not a famous politician, as many have speculated, but her own father.
Anthony Pantaleoni, she said, "is the most even-keeled, most diplomatic human being!" A prominent New York corporate attorney, "he has the grand empathy to see both sides of a question. I can discuss things with him, and he doesn't get adamant that there's a single right way."

"I was going to be an anthropologist, and I was really good at it. But I wasn't passionate about it. He said, 'Don't do something because you're good at it. Do it because you're passionate about it, and you'll GET good at it.'"

For insight into Tea's life, read the complete Associate Press article at Newsday.

Creator Barbara Hall says we'll get answers to a season-long mystery

The creator of the show had this to say about the upcoming 3-episode art that starts on Sunday, 8/7c.
This is the trilogy where we sort of take everybody into the heart of what the conspiracy was all about and it really the events unfold in real time with some political events that are already occurring. It's up to Elizabeth and everybody to connect the dots. So this is really where we get into the heart of it. There will be other elements of it that we play out through the rest of the season. But the next three are really where we take people into the heart of what's happening.