7 Things You Didn't Know About Madam Secretary, 'Ghost Detainee'

'Ghost Detainee'

1. 'Ghost Detainee'

After delivering her first speech to the United Nations General Assembly formally condemning Hizb-al Shahid, Elizabeth negotiated a coalition against the terrorist group with the Russian Foreign Minister, which created tension between Elizabeth and Henry. Read on for tidbits and secrets from the writers and producers of Madam Secretary.
Marking a special week

2. Marking a special week

Madam Secretary filmed Elizabeth McCord’s speech at the real United Nations General Assembly during an appropriate week: March 8th was International Woman’s Day.
She's a real shoe-in

3. She's a real shoe-in

Actress Téa Leoni did her own stunts for the scene in which Elizabeth ran down the United Nations front lobby stairs. Those small marble stairs, which are generally closed to the public, are oddly spaced and hard to navigate. But Téa, complete in high heels, was able to seamlessly sprint down he slippery tiles.
Swanky settings

4. Swanky settings

The area where Elizabeth asked Russian Foreign Minister Lonstantin Avdonin for his country’s help was filmed in a luxurious location: the Elizabeth Taylor Suite at the iconic Waldorf Astoria in New York City. In fact, the hotel was used for multiple locations in this episode, including Oliver’s office and the gym where we see Daisy after a workout.
Horsing around

5. Horsing around

Talk about two for one: The public park where Henry, Jose, and Jane take Hijriyyah is actually a small part of the sprawling grounds of an estate used to double as the McCord horse farm. A few benches and proper framing went a long way in selling this as a park!
Look familiar?

6. Look familiar?

Do you recognize the setting from the McCord farm kitchen? The scene in which Henry admits his heartbreak about his inability to save Dimitri was shot in the same kitchen used in the pilot, in which President Dalton asked Elizabeth to join his administration. The house is located on a huge estate in Long Island, New York.
Our compliments to the chef?

7. Our compliments to the chef?

So what's the deal with Bess' cooking? There's a recurring gag in the series that she isn’t a great cook, referenced again in this episode when Elizabeth claims she would have cooked fancy meals in the past if gourmet meal ingredients were delivered to her front door. Of course, Henry doesn’t buy it.
The story continues

8. The story continues

This episode highlights Henry’s heartbreak over failing to protect Dimitri, an issue that will be further explored in the final episodes of Season 2. It's a difficult burden for Henry to admit his true feelings and insecurities to Elizabeth. How will it all play out? Tune in next Sunday to Madam Secretary at 8/7c on CBS.

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