Season 2: Episode 23 - "The Wedding"
Posted on May 15, 2012 12:00am

It’s the day of the wedding: Mike’s world is turning upside down. His parents seem to be back together. Carl decides he’s going to ask Christina to marry him and despite Mikes urging not to, Carl he can’t help himself and proposes and Christina turns him down. The final straw is when Molly is late for the wedding and he starts to feel abandoned. Meanwhile, Molly’s day isn’t any better. She comes back from the hairdresser and her hair is a disaster. Victoria stays behind to fix things, but then the limo doesn’t show up so Victoria has to drive. They run out of gas in a bad neighborhood and they end up getting Victoria’s pot dealer to drive them to the wedding. To Mike’s relief, she shows up, looking beautiful and they get married.