Season 3: Episode 1 - The Honeymoon Is Over
Posted on Sep 25, 2012 12:00am

Season 3 opener starts in a Paris hotel room as Molly is packing up to leave. Mike has enjoyed France so much he’s gone native (growing a little moustache and dressing like a French man) and doesn’t want to leave. On the plane, we learn Molly is excited to get home and start their life together as a married couple, but Mike wants to travel the world. Molly wants to get back because she thinks Joyce, Victoria and Vince will have run amok without her there and Mike thinks Carl has probably fallen apart without him. As they’re flying back, there’s turbulence and scares the wanderlust out of Mike. Meanwhile, at home, Joyce, Victoria and Vince have enjoyed getting to do what they want and Carl has a “man-crush” on his temp partner who is uber-masculine.