Season 4: Episode 10 - Weekend at Peggy's
Posted on Jan 28, 2014 12:00am

Molly locks herself out of the house. Joyce has taken the spare key, so Molly has to break a window to get in, leading Joyce and Molly to fight about whose fault the broken window is. When Molly writes Joyce a check to wipe the slate clean of her debt, Joyce ups the ante and tacks on unpaid rent, utilities, etc. Insulted, Molly takes Mike and leaves. With no money and no other place to go, they wind up at Peggy’s staying in Mike’s childhood room. Mike is miserable, but Molly’s pride won’t let her admit she’s miserable too. On a walk with Jim, Mike and Molly lose him and end up back at Molly’s house, where Molly and Joyce make up.