Season 4: Episode 12 - Mind Over Molly
Posted on Feb 25, 2014 12:00am

With all of Molly’s unusual behavior as of late, Mike suggests it would be a good for Molly to go to therapy to sort out her feelings. During the first two therapy sessions, Molly deflects her issues onto other family members and is very cagey when asked about her relationship with her dad. Molly concludes maybe she doesn’t need therapy. However, hearing questions about her dad brings up feelings she’d suppressed all these years and she ends up at the playground where he used to take her. Mike finds her there and encourages her to go back to therapy, as it may help her to sort out her issues, since he’s not good with emotions and feelings. When Molly goes back to therapy, she’s open to taking about her feelings pertaining to her dad. For the first time, she’s finally able to mourn, which she wasn’t able to do when she was a kid because she had to step up and take care of Joyce and Victoria. Molly finally realizes that Mike gives her the same comfort that her dad did, which is the cause of her recent unusual actions, as for the first time since her dad died she’s able to act out and take career risks since she finally has someone to catch her if she falls.