Season 4: Episode 15 - Rich Man, Poor Girl
Posted on Mar 11, 2014 12:00am

Victoria brings her new boyfriend, James, home to meet the family. Molly, expecting another loser, is shocked to find out he’s a successful lawyer who’s been a positive influence on Victoria, getting her to give up smoking pot and act more her age. Joyce and Vince are head over heels for James, leaving Mike with the feeling that Molly settled for him. Molly assures him that he's perfect for her the way he is, and that she's already changed any of his habits or quirks that annoyed her anyway. Victoria and James have a disagreement over an outfit she planned to wear to meet his parents, and it appears their relationship might be at an end. Molly convinces Victoria to fight for the relationship, since they both seemed incredibly happy together. Ultimately, James comes over again to bring Victoria to meet his parents, this time encouraging her to wear something she's comfortable in because that's the person he fell for.