Season 1: Episode 3 - First Kiss
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Mike takes Molly bowling on their date because it's where he really shines.  Unfortunately, despite not being a bowler, Molly beats him, and then makes him uncomfortable because she speaks German and recites poetry with Sammy in the diner.  Mike drops her off and quickly heads out, showing up at Carl's house.  Carl's grandmother tells Mike he shouldn't be afraid of dating a smart woman and Mike realizes he's been a jerk. Meanwhile, Molly is at home, upset with everyone because she knows her date didn't go well and her sister is getting all the attention. When Mike shows up to apologize, he walks into the middle of a crisis with Victoria, who's just been dumped by her married boyfriend and wants to go hurt him. Mike defuses the situation and asks Molly out again.  This time, when she beats him at bowling, Mike decided to kiss Molly in an effort to "turn things around".