Season 1: Episode 5 - Carl is Jealous
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

Carl starts to get jealous because Mike is so smitten with Molly that it’s all he talks about, but the final straw for him is when Molly joins them for lunch.  Mike suggests to Molly that they find someone for Carl, so they can double date, but the only person they can think of is Victoria.  Mike goes to Carl's to invite him, but he's a little reluctant, until his grandmother goads him into joining.  The date is going really well and Victoria and Carl seem to be hitting it off, until they see Michael Jordan (we don't see him).  Mike drops off Molly and is going to take Carl home to console him because Victoria disappeared, but Molly says if he comes back, he'll get lucky.  Mike drops off Carl and returns to Molly; however Joyce conks him on the head, having mistaken him for a burglar.