Season 1: Episode 6 - Mike's Apartment
Posted on Jul 14, 2011 11:31am

With Carl and Samuel's help, Mike plans his first romantic evening for himself and Molly at his apartment.  Meanwhile Victoria and her mother help Molly prepare for the evening, including updating her on the latest trends in waxing. Though a little awkward at first, with the possibility of them sleeping with each other for the first time, Mike and Molly start to get past that, when Mike's mother calls.  She then fakes heart failure, prompting Mike to drop everything and race to his mother's side.  Molly joins him and it's not a great introduction.  It's clear to Molly that Mike's mother is trying to get rid of Molly, but Mike doesn't see it.  Finally they return to Mike's apartment and start to get cozy when Mike's mother calls again.  As his mother complains on the answering machine, Molly gives Mike a choice: pick up the phone or come to bed.  Mike makes the right choice and heads for the bedroom.  They wake up the next morning having had a wonderful night together.